Thursday, June 23, 2005

AGC 4 June 25 2005 (Gaming Advocacy) (57:29)

With Mark Kinney and Chris Heim. So when is Origins again? The sorry state of the Origins Awards. Green Ronin and RoninArts. Old Pacesetter games and pdf publishing. Worlds of the Dead and Land of the Dead... and Dawn of the Dead and.... Do we need more computer-game-based RPGs? RIP David Sutherland. Hey! I Can Use That!: Kryptos. Ask A Gamer! A thwarted segue to gaming advocacy. The BADD Old Days. Dark Dungeons. The BADD Trophy List. Mazes and Monsters. The Vampire Cult, and reactions locally. Pushing the No Politics line an awful lot. Video games treated the same way. The religious angle. Fans for Christ. CAR-PGa. Cult Cops. Additional off-week content coming?

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Green Ronin Publishing
Ronin Arts
Steve Jackson Games' e23
White Wolf
World of Warcraft The RPG
The Escapist
The Pulling Report
Committee for the Advancement of Role-Playing Games
Fans For Christ

Friday, June 10, 2005

AGC 3 June 11 2005 (Thirty Kamagawa Anachronisms) (51:55)

With Mark Kinney and "Just Mike." Brazilian stupidity update. Mutants and Masterminds, Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame. Review of John Wick's Thirty. A look at History Channel Anachronism. What CCGs are still around? Hey! I Can Use That!: Ancient Inventions. One of Those Moments. Saviors of Kamigawa, storyline, new mechanics, card highlights. New versions of old cards? More Mechwarrior:Firepower. Send us your experiences with the anti-gaming crowd (especially, I neglected to mention in the show itself, if you have pre-D&D experiences).

Download 24kbps mp3 (8.91 MB) (Link fixed -- The podcast went out fine.)

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Carnival of Brazilian Stupidity
Green Ronin Publishing
Mutants and Masterminds
Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame Story
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TriKing Games/Anachronism
Magic: The Gathering
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