Friday, September 30, 2005

AGC 12 October 1 2005 (Ars Magica and Marauder 2107) (23:15)

With Mark Kinney. Flying solo for a quick filler episode. Sam Chupp's Ars Magica response. Ben Balestra starts out Games You May Not Have Heard Of about Marauder 2107. A look ahead at our subject matter. Please feel free to send feedback!

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RPG Index
Marauder 2107 RPG Index Page
Bear's Grove Podcast (Sam Chupp)

Saturday, September 17, 2005

AGC 11 September 17 2005 (Deliria and Sports Games) (65:30)

With Mark Kinney, Chris Heim, and Carol. Long-standing modern game chatter. Some changes to the show, hopefully to cut back on the rambling. 10 Louisvilles, and corn in Kansas. Larry Dixon,, and hurricane relief aid. Gen Con So Cal contracts a little. Homicide during the break? Site of the Fortnight: Board Game Geek! Carol reviews Deliria. Aside to Buffy for a second. Hey, I Can Use That: Suppressed Transmission! Ken Foushee's Screen Play: Rollerball! Sports games. MLB Showdown and Sportclix. Strat-O-Matic. Blood Bowl. Battleball. Formula De and Formula De Mini. Daytona 500. WWF Basic Adventure Game. WWE Know Your Role. Kayfabe.

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Fantasy, SciFi & Gamers Relief Effort
Fantasy, SciFi & Gamers Relief Effort
Board Game Geek
Laughing Pan (Deliria)
Carol's Blog
Suppressed Transmission (Steve Jackson Games)
Suppressed Transmission 2
MLB Showdown
NLB SportsClix
Strat-O-Matic Games
Blood Bowl
Descartes Editeur (Formula De)
WWE Know Your Role
Errant Knight Games (Kayfabe)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

AGC 10 September 3 2005 (More Miscellany) (54:22)

A short show this time. Three consecutive weeks. House of the Harping Monkey. Very specific mail forwarding mistakes. Help for needful Lexington gamers. The forums... again. Miskatonic Student Union. Show/segment ideas. WotC brings D&D to your local library. KODT prices increase -- Chris blames Al Qaeda. Hex Hex sells out, but Mark can't verify... but finds something else mind-twisting. Some entries for Name The Free Game Segment. Send us more. Mike actually discusses Hecatomb this time. Parental purchase mistakes. Hellboy, the RPG. Ken Foushee begins a movie-related segment. Chris' Free RPG segment: Ars Magica, 4th edition. Still need a name, but we have prizes now! And a deadline, for that matter. Mark introduces the Convention Calendar with unnecessary details about audio production. Louisville and "International."

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Afternoon Adventures with Dungeons and Dragons FAQ
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Hellboy RPG (Steve Jackson Games)
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