Saturday, December 29, 2007

AGC 70 December 29 2007 (Happy New Year III) (1:50:39)

Start at the announced pause point to play 53 minutes before New Years.

With Mark Kinney, Chris Heim, Carol, and Russ Wallace. Gearing up for the Year In Review. The End of GenCon SoCal. Convention closings. Vin Diesel: Gamer. ConGlomeration. Tribe 8. AGC Game Tourney. Dragon/Dungeon Cancellation, and the Calling Home of Licenses. Star Wars Saga Edition. HyperiCon. Mark's belated Origins rant. GenCon and the 4th Edition announcement. An aside on the iPhone. 4th Edition Stuff. The ENnies. Carol's Editing Woes, and other talk about The Secret Life of Girl Gamers. NeonCon. The unstructured/feedback section of the show opens with remembering the past year. Russ went to the GDC. Carol still likes Changeling. An aside on "Hometown" gaming. Chris liked GenCon, and gives ICAR the Cheap Bastard Award of 2007. Mark struggles to find good (aside from GenCon) for 2007 -- well, there was the HyperiCon experience. Happy New Year! Resolutions. Chris' big announcement. Mark's continuing moving misadventure. Mentioned in Polymancer magazine! Western Feedback. Dicehunters. Ethan updates us on the Deadlands/Werewolf crossover. Some information on Sidewinder: Recoiled. A little Deadlands talk, and character changes. Older games. A question about Twilight Imperium. Online pdf zines. Back to two weeks between episodes in '08. Mark's Urban Fantasy Supers thing (Working Title: Arcadian Gate) coming to a podcatcher near you in '08. Holiday Spending Guide is up at SLGG.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Secret Life of Girl Gamers Pilot Episode (51:15)

As we mentioned several times on the show, I'd planned to include the first episode of Carol's new podcast in the AGC feed. Carol, Jacqui, and Stephanie (all of whom you may recall from the Women Take Over episode of AGC) introduce you to themselves and their new show; we hope you like it! Go check them out at The Secret Life of Girl Gamers!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007