Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Secret Life of Girl Gamers Pilot Episode (51:15)

As we mentioned several times on the show, I'd planned to include the first episode of Carol's new podcast in the AGC feed. Carol, Jacqui, and Stephanie (all of whom you may recall from the Women Take Over episode of AGC) introduce you to themselves and their new show; we hope you like it! Go check them out at The Secret Life of Girl Gamers!

Download 128kbps mp3 (46.9 MB)


Anonymous said...

Another terrific introductory RPG (excellent for kids) is Pandahead's "Meddling Kids." Unfortunately, Pandahead's site is experiencing some difficulties, so their "Meddling Kids" pages don't appear to be active right now, but if you can track down a copy of this little RPG, it's great fun for kids and adults alike!

Anonymous said...

I like. If you seperate the feeds, please let us know.

Mark Kinney said...

d4caltrop, that is the plan. We're recording the New Years show tonight, so we'll get more information out of Carol then.