Tuesday, April 21, 2009

AGC 101 April 21 2009 (What Would Gamers Do?) (1:17:08)

With Mark Kinney, Carol, Mags, David Mattingly, and Chris from the Jesus Geeks podcast. Remembering Dave Arneson. The US Monopoly Championships. What the heck is a speed die? Oh, yeah, apparently there was some kind of minor news about pdfs as well. A glance through Goodman Games' Level Up. A look at Christian objections towards gaming, and religious games and themes in games. A little feedback, chatter on upcoming episodes, and Mark's talking about forum alternatives again. What are your favorite episode from the last year, because we might do this Ennies thing...

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Show links
Wizards of the coast Dave Arneson statement
Pioneer Press article on Dave Arneson
Wall Street Journal coverage of Dave Arneson
Wizards Sues Pirates press release
ENWorld Interview with Wizards President Greg Leeds
Level Up (Goodman Games)
Cactus Game Design (Settles of Caanan, Redemption)
Dragonraid (Adventures For Christ)
Testament (Green Ronin)
Hero Games (Post-Apocalyptic Hero)
In Nomine
Scion (White Wolf)
Nobilis (Wikipedia)
Kill Puppies For Satan (Lumpley Games)
The Jesus Geeks Podcast
The Christian Gamers Guild
GenCon Christianity and Gaming Panel: Mike Stackpole explaining the history of the gaming stigma
GenCon Christianity and Gaming Panel: Gary Gygax explaining the Christian roots of D&D
Fans For Christ
Hollywood Jesus
The Dice Tower
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

RPG Podcast Survey

There is a big, massive survey in the works, with a bunch of gaming podcasters trying to learn a bit about our audience.

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

AGC 100 April 9 2009 (Bride of the Big Damn Review Show) (1:27:03)

With Mark Kinney, Carol, and Ben Balestra. Mags was taking some personal time this episode, look for her return and that of her series of Convention Gaming. Mark went to YottaQuest while in Cincinnati for Worldwide D&D Game Day and he reviews one of his purchases from there. Carol shares that "Secret Life of Girl Gamers" is coming back this month. In News, Geek Chic Roadshow and news about the uber game-table, the Sultan, as well as other goodies that don't require a second mortgage. Explanations about the odd blog posting and why listeners got an unexpected PDF with the 'Gestalt' review. Carol talks about 'Gestalt: The Hero Within'. Mark gives more Superhero goodness (or badness) with a review of 'Necessary Evil', a supplement for the Savage Worlds Explorers Edition system. Carol gives her two-bits on 'PC Pearls' from Goodman Games, and the importance of flour in your party (mmm, pancakes!). Mark gets to review 'Old Frontiers', published by Frontier Games and one he's been itching to review for awhile now. Ben Balestra talks about Metamorphosis Alpha. A salute to Andy Hallet. Feedback cut, and will go into an Extra. Mark's trip to YottaQuest after the end theme.

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Show links
YottaQuest Fantasy Gaming, Cincinnati, Ohio
Geek Chic
BlackWyrm Games - Gestalt The Hero Within Check out their online store as 'Gestalt' is still 25% off!
Pinnacle Entertainment Group - Necessary Evil
Goodman Games - PC Pearls
Frontier Games - Old Frontiers
White Wolf, Changeling: The Lost, 'Dancers in the Dusk'
Game Cryer
Metamorphosis Alpha Home Page
Metamorphosis Alpha (Wikipedia)
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Kore RPG
This Modern Death
Weather Child

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