Sunday, November 23, 2008

Download Issues

It appears we're having some issues on file downloads. At least in Firefox and the RSS feeds, the episodes are hitting a redirect loop; I've contacted LibSyn about this, and hope to have some resolution soon.

If you can't wait for your episodes, though, I have found that if you deign to open Internet Explorer, you can right click-save as and grab the files. I haven't tried Safari or other browsers, so I don't know how they're reacting.

If it's not cleared up by the time I get home from work tomorrow, I'll be sure to make the most recent episode available through Ourmedia.

Thanks, and sorry for the problem!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

AGC 91 November 22 2008 (I Thought Turkeys Could Fly) (1:24:57)

With Mark Kinney and Mags. A little Trek and Who talk to start. Topps shuts down WizKids, but Catalyst is waiting in the wings. LucasFilm backs off of GenCon. Pyramid goes PDF! Smirk and Dagger up for an award for 3D Sidewalk Chalk. The Geek Chic Roadshow. Layoffs at Upper Deck. Games You May Never Have Heard Of: Redneck Life! Mark talks about sourcebooks for Colonial Gothic and The Battle For Hill 218. Interview with Tom Filsinger from Filsinger Publications, about Champions of the Galaxy. Gaming Turkeys! The Unmitigates, followed by our own bads, the quirky, and the failed good. Some updates on the political gaming front, and responses on Christmas-themed games. Coming soon, the New Years Show!

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Show links
Crayola 3D Sidewalk Chalk
How The Chalk Works
Pyramid (Steve Jackson Games)
Redneck Life (Gut Busting Games)
Colonial Gothic: Secrets (Rogue Games)
Colonial Gothic: Poor Wizard's Grimoire (Rogue Games)
Battle For Hill 218 (Your Move Games)
Filsinger Games (Champions of the Galaxy and Legends of Wrestling)
Atrocities Game Reviews (Language Warning!)
Legacy: War of Ages (Black Gate Publishing)
Immortal: The Invisible War
TV Wars (Board Game Geek)
Unknown Armies (Atlas Games)
Over The Edge (Atlas Games)
Cults Across America (Atlas Games)
1960: Making of the President (Z-Man Games)
Sons of Liberty (Kallisti Press/IPR)
Paizo Blog (with Open Calls for Scenarios)
Free RPG Blog
Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men (Wicked Dead Brewing Company)
The Big Night (May Contain Monkeys)

Flinchy (The Seanachai)
Narrative Control
Wandering Geek
Arcadian Gate
Murder at Avedon Hill

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

AGCExtra 26 November 15th 2008 (Houses of the Blooded) (20:32)

Mark, Carol, and Mags discuss John Wick's Houses of the Blooded, followed by an interview with John Wick from GenCon 2008.

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Houses of the Blooded

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Monday, November 10, 2008

GenCon Auction/Christian Childrens Fund Update

Mags posted this to the forum, but I thought it worthy of posting on the front page. You can find the original posting this text comes from at the GenCon forums.

I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight on the Gen Con Indy 2008 Charity issue, as there has been a lot of misinformation spreading like wildfire on various forums, blogs, etc.

First allow me to explain how Gen Con goes about selecting its show charity. The process is very simple. We generally choose several potential charities based on the following criteria…

1) Is local to the (Indy) area
2) Supports children
3) Preferably has a focus in math, science or gaming-related activities.

Staff then votes individually on which charity we would like to support at the show; majority wins.

In 2008, Gen Con decided on a different route in choosing the charity, due the death of Gary Gygax, Gen Con’s founder. It was without question that the charity for 2008 would be one of Gary’s favorite charities.

In choosing the charity for 2008, Gen Con had heard through several channels, including a close friend of Gary’s family, that Christian Children’s Fund (CCF) was one of Gary’s favored charities. Gen Con contacted CCF about our intentions and asked for a logo and some promotional materials that we could use on our website. We were informed by a person at CCF that they would not be able to provide us with these materials, apparently due to our association with D&D. We were not comfortable with this position, considering Gary’s role as co-founder of D&D, and founder of Gen Con, and therefore we decided to pick a different charity. We informed the Gygax family of our decision and the reason behind it, and asked if there was another charity they would like us to consider. Fisher House was suggested, as it too was a favored charity of Gary’s. Considering the outstanding services this charity provides to service members, veterans, and their families, we knew Fisher House would be a great charity for Gen Con to support. We later found out that we had been misinformed as to CCF’s position in regards to D&D and Gen Con, but by then we had already chosen Fisher House as our charity, and announcements and promotions were already made and in the works, such that it would not have been possible to change charities at that point.

To be clear, Gen Con made the decision not to donate to CCF; at no time did CCF refuse to take charity money from Gen Con. Gen Con chooses a show charity long before Gen Con Indy 2008 ever takes place.

I have sent an email to The Partnership that runs and asked them to make sure the information being presented and discussed on their website is updated and accurate regarding this issue. I would also like to ask each of you to do your part in setting the record straight by contacting the various websites, blogs, etc. that you are active on, and where this issue is being discussed, to make sure they have their facts correct as well. The statement on Wikinews purporting to be from a Gen Con staff member is completely incorrect, as Gen Con staff has never commented on this subject …until now.

If there are any further questions or points of clarification, please feel free to contact me personally at

Thank you.
Jeannette LeGault
Director of Event Programming - Gen Con LLC

Saturday, November 08, 2008

AGC 90 November 8 2008 (Vote Early...) (1:15:26)

With Mark Kinney, Carol, and Mags. NaNoWriMo updates. The GenCon-Christian Childrens Fund Auction controversy (be cool, people!). Smirk and Dagger's Crayola connection. Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures changes. World of Warcraft Minis Organized Play. Heroic Journey Publishing arrives to help would-be game publishers! DVD Games at Blockbuster, and pointers to Essen coverage. Beware of brief political opinions by two thirds of the hosts! Political gaming! Allusions to a long recording, and Halloween movie talk. Sean Patrick Fannon is embarking on a Quest (which we hope to talk to him about in episode 91). Feedback. Praise for GoDaddy. Future plans, and a poll anecdote.

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Show links
Crayola 3D Sidewalk Chalk
D&D Miniatures
World of Warcraft Miniatures (Upper Deck)
Heroic Journey Publishing
Bounty Head Bebop (Heroic Journey Publishing)
National Gaming Day at your Library
Board Game News Essen Coverage (Day 1)
Board Game News Essen Coverage (Day 2.1)
Board Game News Essen Coverage (Day 2.2)
Board Game News Essen Coverage (Day 3)
Board Game News Essen Coverage (Day 4)
Comrade Koba
Election Day Zombies (Fark)
Politics as D&D
White Wolf (World of Darkness)
Legend of the Five Rings (AEG)
Bushido (Pen and Paper RPG)
Sengoku (Gold Rush Games -- Eventually, this link will work)
Transhuman Space (Steve Jackson Games)
Birthright (Wikipedia)
Avalon Hill (Diplmacy, Rocketville)
The Diplomatic Pouch
Machiavelli (Board Game Geek)
Fantasy Flight Games (Game of Thrones, Tribune, Senator, Perakles, Battlestar Galactica, Cosmic Encounter)
Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying (Green Ronin)
Emperor Magic (Wizards of the Coast)
Settlers of Catan
Junta (West End Games)
Cold War
Contested Ground Studios (Cold City, Hot War)
Coup (Board Game Geek)
President (Similar to Great Dalmuti) (Wikipedia) (Language Warning)
Nuclear War (Flying Buffalo)
Illuminati (Steve Jackson Games)
1960: Making of the President (Z-Man Games)
Long Live The King (White Wolf)
Succession (Your Move Games)
Boardgames.About.Com Political Games 1
Boardgames.About.Com Political Games 2

Canon Puncture
Dragon's Landing
Codename: Starkeeper

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AGC Co-Host Curse Promo

Another new promo for the new lineup, with Mark, Carol, and Mags (who was recently "promoted" from RPG Buffet). Thanks to Matthew and Pamela Stewart-Fulton for additional voices!

If you're a fellow podcaster, and this fits with your general format, please play it, and let me know! Thanks!

Download promo mp3 here!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

AGCExtra 25 November 1st 2008 (Murphy's World and Episode Extras) (30:15)

The RPG Buffet talks about Murphy's World, and some bits cut from Episode 89, including Mags' Killer experience and some extra talk about horror RPGs.

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Show links
Murphy's World
Girl Genius

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