Saturday, February 27, 2010

RPG Buffet 4 (Year of D&D Part 1: Basic Set) (22:12)

With Mags and the RPG Buffet. The RPG Buffet kicks of their Year of Dungeons and Dragons with the Red Box Basic Set.

1. Whip together 1 or 2 eggs per person with a little milk
2. Add any of the following: bacon, sausage, bell peppers, onion, sliced mushrooms, or tomatoes
3. Top with shredded cheese
4. Bake at 350 degrees
5. Insert toothpick or knife--if it comes out clean, the eggs are done.

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Dungeons and Dragons Basic Set (Wikipedia)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

AGC News February 25th 2010 (23:19)

With Mark, Carol, and Mags. The media tries the D&D murder thing again. Wizards of the Coast making new deals with Stainless Games. Tidbits from the American International Toy Fair. Thunderstone is sold out, and AEG is posting design diaries for the new L5R! Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion released. OgreCave gets a look at a possible Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG? International Traditional Gaming Week. The Dungeon Masters is now available on Amazon (in the US, anyway).

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Suspect in slays [sic] fan of ‘Dungeons’(Boston Herald)
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Stainless Games
Out of the Box Games
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North Star Games
University Games
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Legend of the Five Rings Design Diaries (EN World)
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OgreCave Audio Report from DunDraCon
Traditional Adventure Roleplaying Games Association (International Traditional Gaming Week)
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The Dungeons Masters ( Video On Demand)
The Dungeons Masters Trailer (TwitchFilm)
Kevin McAlester Interview (GeekWeek)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

RPG Buffet 3 (2009 Catch Up Show) (1:05:47)

With Mags and the RPG Buffet. These are the games we missed last year, either due to technical or other issues. Deryni, Monkey Ninja Pirate Robot, Geist: The Sin Eaters, and CthulhuTech.

With Deryni, we did grilled lamb. No special recipe as such, but we did butterfly it! See here.

For Monkey Ninja Pirate Robot, we threw Misty a tea party, because (a) she was the GM, and (b) she loves tea! Assorted finger food were served, but the star of the show was the assortment of teas we prepared.
How to make the perfect cuppa

How to make the perfect cup of green tea

How to make the perfect cup of jasmine tea

Geist was chili night! Here's Mags's White Chili recipe:
1 lb large white beans, soaked overnight in water, drained
6 cups chicken broth
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 medium onions, chopped (divided)
1 Tbsp olive oil
2 4-ounce cans chopped green chilies
2 tsp ground cumin
1 1/2 tsp dried oregano
1/4 tsp ground cloves
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
4 cups diced cooked chicken
3 cups grated Monterey Jack cheese
1 jalapeno or serrano pepper, chopped (optional)

1. Combine beans, chicken broth, garlic and half the onions in a large soup pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer until beans are very soft, 3 hours or more. Add additional water (or watered-down broth), if necessary.
2. In a skillet, sauté remaining onions in oil until tender. Add chilies and seasonings and mix thoroughly. Add to bean mixture. Add chicken and continue to simmer 1 hour. Check seasoning, add jalapeno or serrano to level of desired hotness.
3. Serve topped with grated cheese. Garnish with cilantro, chopped fresh tomato, salsa, chopped scallions, and/or guacamole. Serve with fresh warmed flour tortillas or tortilla chips.
8-10 servings

Finally, Mags made Quick Beef Stew for Cthulhu Tech:
2 pounds boneless sirloin steak, cut into 1-inch cubes
3 tablespoons flour
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 package McCormick® Beef Stew Seasoning
3 cups water
1 bag (24 ounces) frozen vegetables for stew OR 5 cups cut up vegetables

1. Coat beef with flour. Heat oil in large skillet or Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Add sirloin cubes and sauté until browned. Drain.
2. Add seasoning, water, and vegetables and stir well. Bring to a boil. Cover and simmer 15 minutes, or until vegetables are tender.
Makes 8 servings

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Friday, February 19, 2010

AGC Review 3 (QAGS) (14:33)

With Mark Kinney, Carol, and Mags. Mags gives us a glance at Hex Games' Quick Ass Game System (QAGS).

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Hex Games (QAGS and Sourcebooks)

The Gutter Skypes

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Voice Mail Number!

Well, the voice mail number expired again.

The new one is 206-338-1081.

AGC 123 February 16th 2010 (Non-Playing With Character) (56:48)

With Mark Kinney, Carol, and Mags. Skyping due to Snowpocalypse. Convention talk. A quick look at The Dresden Files. The Boom Effect. The AGC Game Tourney continues to return, and we need your help! The new show: fandom showdowns and stuff like that (and yeah, Mark knows its been done, but we may have a twist). Mark is considering eBook readers. NPCs: what are they and how do you use them. We also present our favorite NPCs from our games. Building an effective major NPC (and how players decide this about as often as the GM). NPC as foil. The mechanical side of NPCs. Books to help with NPCs. The 3x3x3 (or making the players help you create NPCs). Pictures: to use or not? The perils of established setting characters. Next time: being a good player!

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Fear The Con
The Dresden Files RPG
The Boom Effect
Hamster Press
RPG Athenaeum
100 Motives for Commoners on the Street (RPG Athenaeum)
100 Descriptors for Nondescript NPCS (RPG Athenaeum)
RPG Athenaeum Downloads
Creating NPCs (Treasure Tables)
One Sentence NPC Generator (Roleplaying Tips)

Conjurations 2010
The wandering Geek Podcast

Saturday, February 13, 2010

AGC Feedback February 13 2010 (13:44)

Recorded February 9th, 2010, with Mark, Carol and Mags. Still on Skype. Moffet's Who, with a segue into Coupling. Translating media from Britain to the US. Conventions on our to-do list. Guerilla podcasts, Big Trouble, and dungeon crawls. Random dungeons. Settlers on the iPhone.

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Fear The Con
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

AGC News February 11th 2010 (28:47)

With Mark, Carol, and Mags. On Skype, due to Snowpocalypse 2010.3 (or DeathSnow 2010, depending on who you ask). Help for Haiti! Wizards opting out of Star Wars license. Castle Ravenloft, the boardgame, and other bits of news from D&D Experience! Congrats to Ogre Cave! Steve Jackson is the Greatest of the Great Gaming Geeks! New Lego Games. The Natcher-Tucholka Wedding (see pictures below)! A last minute addition for Matt James' RPG Books for the Wounded.

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Doctors Without Borders
Castle Ravenloft (
Wizards of the Coast (Dungeons and Dragons, Gamma World, etc.)
Ogre Cave
30 Great Gaming Geeks (
Steve Jackson's Statement
Lego Boardgame Info from BoardGameNews
Tri Tac Games
RPG Books For The Wounded (
RPG Books For tHe Wounded Amazon Wishlist

Sunday, February 07, 2010

AGCExtra 36 February 7th 2010 (Guild of Blades) (27:01)

Ben Balestra talks to Ryan Johnson of Guild of Blades.

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Guild of Blades

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

AGC 122 February 2nd 2010 (Down in the Dungeon) (1:03:31)

With Mark Kinney, Carol, and Mags. Mark was on another show. You Can Hack It. Help a podcaster? The return of the AGC Game Tourney? Dice Camera Action coming back as a media review show? League of Gentlemen is legitimately on YouTube (and we drop into Doctor Who as a result). Super Bowl games! Dungeon Crawls! Challenging the definition a little. Reminiscing on dungeon crawls past, and confusion over the ordering of the S series. Board and card games that carry on the dungeon crawl image. Tips for the modern dungeon crawler. A few other program notes.

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Monday, February 01, 2010

AGC Feedback January 30 2010 (19:53)

Recorded January 26th, 2009, with Mark, Carol and Mags. Yeah, it's late. A little bit about HARP. Tiny Box Sets. Thanks for the new banner and logo (finally)! Talking about Cold City. The Kicked in the Dicebags visit. Voicemails! More bloopers? More about BySwarm. Asides on Google Wave.

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Mark's Appearance on Kicked in the Dicebags (Explicit and stuff...)

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