Tuesday, November 30, 2010

AGC 142 November 30th 2010 (Taking a Contract Out On Your Players) (37:41)

With Mark and Mags. Carol had more chaos. Everyone's chaos and Mark's creative phase (and he did finish NaNoWriMo). DriveThruRPG Picks. Mark's dating woes, and how they relate to tonight's topic. Social Contracts! What are they and what form do they take? Out of the game itself. Shifting to in game concerns. House rules or no, and GM leeway. Large groups and LARP. Changes to your group. Watch out for gaming the system. Big things you need to cover. Mark's earliest RPG writing credit is now back up on e23. ExtraordinAgents is out, and maybe Mark will run it at ConGlomeration (which is also putting it's scheduling online).

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Mortal Coil (Galileo Games)
Mortal Coil on DriveThruRPG (Affiliate Link)
Mark's "Geek Girls" YouTube Video
In Your Face Again (Atlas Games/e23)
The ExtraordinAgents! (Khepera Publishing/Cubicle 7 Store)

AGC's DriveThruRPG Picks for this episode!
Mark: Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion (Pinnacle Entertainment Group)
Mags: FantasyCraft Adventure Companion (Crafty Games)

Zero Fortitude

Monday, November 22, 2010

AGC Feedback November 22nd 2010 (14:38)

Recorded November 16th, 2010, with Mark and Mags. Apologies because things are chaotic and we've fallen behind on feedback. No more voice mail number at the moment. Cincinnati game stores and such. The I.T. Crowd. Dark Deeds In Freeport patronage project. MiniSix. World Fantasy Con. Shave a Sheep in the US! Villain laughs and changing tables. Upcoming shows.

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Dark Deeds In Freeport Announcement (Open Design)
Antipaladin Games (MiniSix)
Shave A Sheep (Lego)

DriveThruRPG (Affiliate Link)
Stealth Geek Unlimited

Friday, November 19, 2010

AGC News November 19th 2010 (23:45)

With Mark and Mags. New online D&D Character Builder announced. The Forge going into "Winter." Palladium and Trion settle. DriveThruRPG raises $65,000 for Pakistan flood relief. Heroscape is going away! Playing Cards and the Game of Life in the Toy Hall of Fame! Mikki Nicholson wins UK Scrabble championship! Nigerian governor Akpabio defeats world Scrabble champion! Battle Cry returning! Champions Online going Free-To-Play! Wild World Wrestling! Could Hasbro Game Movies cost a Studio Exec his job? Game companies helping an alternative high school teacher.

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New D&D Character Builder (Wizards of the Coast Community)
The Winter of the Forge looms near (The Forge)
Palladium Books v. Trion Worlds Inc. Rifts Trademark Case Resolved! (LivingDice)
Magic: The Gathering (Wizards of the Coast)
Heroscape Cancellation FAQ (Wizards of the Coast)
Toy Hall of Fame
Battle Cry (Wizards of the Coast)
Wild World Wrestling Thread (Timeout Diversions Forum)
Kayfabe (Errant Knight Games)
Ron Meyer May Be Sunk at Universal: Was a Roster of Board-Game Movies His Final Mistake? (New York Magazine Vulture Blog)
Game Companties Helping Out ( Forums

Saturday, November 13, 2010

ConGlomeration Promos

Hey all,

We now have promos for the local science-fiction et cetera convention, ConGlomeration! We hope to see some of our listeners there, and for the podcasters in our audience, we hope you'll make use of one of these promos!

Promo 1

Promo 2


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

AGC 141 November 9th 2010 (Better Know A Game Company: Blackwyrm Games) (45:50)

With Mags, Carol, and Dave Mattingly. Mark is absent due to stuff. Upcoming content. Dave's Geek Cred. The history of Blackwyrm Games. Haymaker and Ez Hero, and the founding of Blackwyrm. Moving into fiction publishing. What they're working on now. Audio? A contest as well...

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Blackwyrm Games and Publishing
Left in the Dark
Albrim's Curse
Gran's Secret
An Unforgiving Land
The Holler
Branwen's Garden
The Starcrossed
Trajan's Arch
Kazei 5
Pretty Hate Machines
Autographed Trajan's Arch Contest (Until November 30th)

Star Trek: Outpost
Yog Radio

Thursday, November 04, 2010

AGC News November 4th 2010 (9:40)

With Mags and Carol. Mark is out due to an unavoidable scheduling thing. GAMA has a new retailer division chair, and Wizards of the Coast has a new Marketing VP. WizKids relaunching Mage Knight! Exodus coming soon for Battlestar Galactica (with an aside about Caprica). Mirrodin Besieged coming in February.

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Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA)
WizKids (Mage Knight)
Battlestar Galactica Exodus Expansion (Fantasy Flight Games)
Magic: The Gathering (Wizards of the Coast)

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

RPG Buffet 13 (Second Helping: FantasyCraft) (18:38)

Louis runs Crafty Games' FantasyCraft for the Buffet, with additional input from Mags, Steve, and John.

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FantasyCraft (Crafty Games)