Friday, November 19, 2010

AGC News November 19th 2010 (23:45)

With Mark and Mags. New online D&D Character Builder announced. The Forge going into "Winter." Palladium and Trion settle. DriveThruRPG raises $65,000 for Pakistan flood relief. Heroscape is going away! Playing Cards and the Game of Life in the Toy Hall of Fame! Mikki Nicholson wins UK Scrabble championship! Nigerian governor Akpabio defeats world Scrabble champion! Battle Cry returning! Champions Online going Free-To-Play! Wild World Wrestling! Could Hasbro Game Movies cost a Studio Exec his job? Game companies helping an alternative high school teacher.

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Wild World Wrestling Thread (Timeout Diversions Forum)
Kayfabe (Errant Knight Games)
Ron Meyer May Be Sunk at Universal: Was a Roster of Board-Game Movies His Final Mistake? (New York Magazine Vulture Blog)
Game Companties Helping Out ( Forums

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