Sunday, January 22, 2006

An Apology To Our Listeners

We've gotten a record amount of feedback on the Ask A Gamer segment, almost entirely negative. I want to assure everyone that the segment is dead and won't be appearing again here. I apologize to everyone, but most of all Star Wars fans. I do the final edit of the show and decide what goes in, so ultimately the blame is mine.

I hope folks will give us another chance. I know that a past annoyance used up a lot of people's patience, but still...

-- Mark Kinney
Host, All Games Considered

Thursday, January 19, 2006

AGC 19 January 21 2006 (More Horror) (58:49)

With Mark Kinney and Chris Heim. Welcome to our new listeners! Chris was sick, and didn't make it to Ohayocon. CthulhuWiki. Battlestar Galactica CCG coming. Curse Sci Fi Channel for it's cliffhangers! Games You May Never Have Heard Of: Fringeworthy! A look at Chill: Black Morn Manor. Oh, yes, we're doing another horror show! Comparison with Betrayal at House on the Hill. Ask a Gamer! Glondar is going to get us killed, and we apologize in advance to Star Wars fans. Unknown Armies and Kult. Chris wanted to try a White Wolf game (Wraith/Specter)? Talking about Wraith. A Santa game from Mystic Ages. Zombie Nation pictures, and MST3K Dark Dungeons. Future show topics. Thanks to Dragon's Landing!

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CthulhuWiki at
WizKids' Battlestar Galactica CCG
Fringeworthy (Tri Tac Games)
Chill: Black Morn Manor (BoardGameGeek)
Unknown Armies (Atlas Games)
Nathan Hill's Santa Game
AGC's Frappr Map
MST3K Dark Dungeons (Ben Balestra) (Ask A Gamer)