Wednesday, February 24, 2016

AGC Interview 35 (Aaron Allston's Strike Force) (28:03)

Carol interviews Ross Watson and Michael Surbrook about High Rock Press' Kickstarter - Aaron Allston's Strike Force. We talk about the history of the setting, and all of the knowledge that Aaron Allston brought from his long-running campaign to GMs. As of this recording on 2/17/16 they are at $28K+ to bring a new edition of the groundbreaking classic Champion's supplement, first published in 1988, to gamers everywhere. Join us as we talk about the effort to bring a new edition of this work that inspired so many of the writers and developers of the games we all enjoy today.

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Aaron Allston's Strike Force (Kickstarter)
Michael Subrook
Ross Watson
High Rock Press

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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

AGC News Early February 2016 (40:04)

With Carol and Mags. Games and game stores performing well in the market place, and a could a new game store from Down Under be in the offing? Rey has been missing from Monopoly, and the AGC Gals get indignant about it. The Mergers & Acquisitions Department at Asmodee has been busy again, while Kalmbach gets one of the few companies not in Asmodee's sights. WotC offers an OGL for 5th edition, and open up the D&D Adventurer's League. Strahd and Free Trader Beowolf are back! Symbarum to arrive from Sweden. Green Ronin, Luke Crane, and Evil Hat get busy in 2016. New minis for the Walking Dead and D&D Icons of the Realms. NEW BORG SHIP IS EIGHT INCHES ON ONE SIDE and Mags can't deal. And Finally: an author unearths a precursor to the Chainmail Fantasy supplement.

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Stellar Performance for U.S. Toy Industry, Growing Nearly 7 Percent in 2015, The NPD Group Reports
A Precursor to the Chainmail Fantasy Supplement