Tuesday, October 23, 2012

AGC Interview 21 (Lamentations of the Flame Princess) (1:28:56)

Mark talks to James Raggi of Lamentations of the Flame Princess about his most recent adventure releases (Death Love Doom, The Monolith From Beyond Space and Time, The God That Crawls, and The Magificent Joop van Ooms) and a bit about crowd-sourced funding.

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Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Death Love Doom
The Monolith From Beyond Space and Time
The God That Crawls
The Magnificent Joop van Ooms
LotFP Blog

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

AGC News October 13th 2012 (24:47)

With Carol and Mags. Steve Jackson's Warehouse 23 to promote local retailers! Catan World Championships. WizKids Lord of the Rings Dice Building. Clash of Cultures from Z-Man. Ticket to Ride Map Collection 3! Tabletop featuring Pandemic and Wits and Wagers! Pathfinder releases. Dragon Age Set 3! Robotech Genesis Pits! Cryptozoic tweaking WoW Qualifiers. Syracuse Game Designers' Guild!

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Steve Jackson Games request for Brick and Mortar Promo Materials
Warehouse 23
Catan World Championships (Livestream)
Tabletop (Geek and Sundry)
Werewolf 20th Anniversary Edition (Kickstarter)
Onyx Path
RPG Golden Geek Awards Nominees for 2012 (RPG Geek)
Syracuse Game Designers' Guild

Thursday, October 04, 2012

RPG Buffet 30 (Silver Age Sentinels CAGE MATCH!) (22:47)

For July and August, Mags, Kae, Steve, Misty, Louis, and Karen compare the Tri-Stat and d20 versions of Guardians of Order's Silver Age Sentinels!

From Misty: Zucchini Fries!
Cut zucchini into strips.
Whip a couple of eggs and dredge fries through it.
I actually had the zucchini in a ziploc because I cut the night before, so I dumped the eggs in and shook it.
Then dredged them through a bowl of flour, cracker crumbs (I didn't have any bread), and seasoning. I used salt, pepper, and some thyme.

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Silver Age Sentinels (Wikipedia)

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

RPG Buffet 29 (Pathfinder) (16:23)

Mags, John, and Louis discuss Louis' run of Paizo Publishing's Pathfinder!

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Pathfinder (Paizo Publishing)

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

RPG Buffet 28 (Ghostbusters RPG) (18:33)

Who ya gonna call? Mags, Misty, John, Layne, Louis, and Guest GM Mark, assuming you want to talk about West End Games' Ghostbusters!

Since the Ghostbusters movie is set in New York City, the RPG Buffet decided to feast on New York Cuisine.

After some debate, we settled on New York-style hot dogs for our entree. In the US, there's a lot of variation of hot dogs from region to region. The classic NYC hot dog is an grilled all-beef frank served with any of the following, including: sauerkraut, sweet relish, onion sauce, and/or mustard. When we did Dresden Files, on the other hand, we did Chicago-style hot dogs, which is a steamed all-beef frank on a poppy seed bun, served "dragged through the garden". That is, with yellow mustard, chopped white onions, bright green sweet pickle relish, a dill pickled spear, tomato slices or wedges, pickled sport peppers, and a dash of celery salt. Our international listeners can learn more about regional American hot dog variations here.

Because NYC also has a strong East European Jewish cuisine tradition, Becca was good enough to cook potato latkes for us. And to keep with the theme of the movie, Mags made green slime punch.

1 pound potatoes
1/2 cup finely chopped onion
1 large egg, lightly beaten
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 to 3/4 cup olive oil

Preheat oven to 250°F. Peel potatoes and coarsely grate by hand, transferring to a large bowl of cold water as grated. Soak potatoes 1 to 2 minutes after last batch is added to water, then drain well in a colander. Spread grated potatoes and onion on a kitchen towel and roll up jelly-roll style. Twist towel tightly to wring out as much liquid as possible. Transfer potato mixture to a bowl and stir in egg and salt.

Heat 1/4 cup oil in a 12-inch nonstick skillet over moderately high heat until hot but not smoking. Working in batches of 4 latkes, spoon 2 tablespoons potato mixture per latke into skillet, spreading into 3-inch rounds with a fork. Reduce heat to moderate and cook until undersides are browned, about 5 minutes. Turn latkes over and cook until undersides are browned, about 5 minutes more. Transfer to paper towels to drain and season with salt. Add more oil to skillet as needed. Keep latkes warm on a wire rack set in a shallow baking pan in oven.

Latkes may be made up to 8 hours ahead. Reheat on a rack set over a baking sheet in a 350°F oven, about 5 minutes. Grating the potatoes, soaking them briefly in water, and then squeezing out the liquid (as we've done here) keeps the batter from turning brown too quickly.

2 cups boiling water
1 pkg. (8-serving size) Lime Flavor Gelatin
2 cups cold orange juice
1 bottle (1 liter) cold ginger ale
ice cubes
1 pt. (2 cups) orange or
lime sherbet
1 lime, thinly sliced

Stir boiling water into dry gelatin in large bowl at least 2 minutes until completely dissolved. Stir in juice. Cool to room temperature. Pour into punch bowl just before serving. Add ginger ale and ice; stir. Add scoops of sherbet. Serve!

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Ghostbusters (Wikipedia)

Monday, October 01, 2012

RPG Buffet 27 (Diaspora) (20:13)

Mags, Brandon, Louis, Kae, Steve, and John talk about the May play session of VSCA's Diaspora!

When it gets hot outside, the last thing anyone wants to do is go inside and heat up their kitchen. With temperatures topping 95 degrees F in the Louisville area, the RPG Buffet decided to do a salad bar for this month's meal.

You can start with a basic green salad:

Salad greens, rinsed and dried:
Lettuce torn into bite sized pieces, baby spinach, arugula, mixed salad greens, kale, etc.
shredded carrot
tomato slices or cherry tomatos
cucumber slices
bell pepper, seeded and sliced thinly

...and then top it with whatever else you would like:

alfalfa sprouts, sunflower sprouts
artichoke hearts
sliced or diced onions
avocado cut into 3/4" cubes
olives, pitted, and sliced if desired
shredded red cabbage
sliced radishes
chopped fresh herbs, whole basil leaves
nuts: sunflower seeds, walnuts, pecans, almonds (the peppered almonds we referred to are here)
dried cherries, cranberries or raisins
sun dried tomatoes
cooked sweet corn kernels
hard-boiled egg, chopped
crumbled feta cheese, soy cheese, cheddar cheese, blue cheese, etc.
crumbled tofu
cooked black beans, garbanzo beans or kidney beans
Fried cubes of tempeh, tofu, etc.
cubed cooked chicken
cubed cooked tuna or salmon
cooked bacon, chopped into small pieces (or "bits)

...and have a variety of commercial salad dressings on hand. Serve with iced tea and/or lemonade, and crusty bread.

For dessert:
Steve's Fruit Salad

1 large Cantaloupe
4 bananas
1 cup orange juice
1 oz grenadine
1/4 vanilla extract

Cube cantaloupe and slice bananas into chunks, add OJ, grenadine, and vanilla extract. Stir to coat, then chill for at least an hour before serving.

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Diaspora (VSCA Publishing)