Monday, September 27, 2010

AGC Interview 9 (Don't Call It A GenCon) (27:14)

Mags talks Apocalypse World with Vincent Baker. Carol managed to get a few minutes with Margaret Weis at GenCon this year to talk a little bit about the properties that her company has produced and some of her new fiction. Mags discusses game design and Mispent Youth with Robert Bohl. Carol spoke with Robin D. Laws about "Hamlet's Hit Points" and other projects - plus the strange time warp that GenCon seems to produce. Also discussed are Mutant City Blues, and Skullduggery, which debuted at GenCon this year. He also has a few words of wisdom for the beginning GM.

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Lumpley Games (Apocalypse World)
Margaret Weis Productions
Mispent Youth
GamePlayWright (Hamlet's Hit Points)
Pelgrane Press (Skullduggery)

DriveThruRPG (Affiliate Link)
Zero Fortitude

Thursday, September 23, 2010

AGC News September 23rd 2010 (26:50)

With Mark, Carol, and Mags. The Indie RPG Awards (a little old news). The Deutscher Spiele Preis goes to Fresco! 2010 Windhammer Prize voting is open! Mike Mearls talks to the Escapist about the reception of Fourth Edition. Dolmun Creative to publish support for Bill Coffin's Septimus! Powerchords and Destiny6 Kickstarter projects (with a little commentary from Mags). Loren Wiseman needs your help with medical bills (Paypal to!

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Show links
2009 Indie RPG Awards
2010 Windhammer Prize
Red Box Renaissance (The Escapist Magazine)
Dolmen Creative (Septimus support)
Powerchords (Kickstarter)
Destiny6 (Kickstarter)
Loren Wiseman Editorial (Journal of the Travellers Aid Society)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

AGC Interview 8 (Steve Kenson at GenCon) (19:56)

Carol talks to Steve Kenson, who wrote DC Adventures, about getting the DC license, and what went in to the DC Adventures line. Listen to the challenges of condensing 75 years of story and art into 4 books over 1 year. We discuss the upcoming Heroes and Villains books, as well as the fourth and final book detailing many of the settings you and your players can use.

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DC Adventures (Green Ronin)
Mutants and Masterminds (Green Ronin)

DriveThruRPG (Affiliate Link)
The Wandering Geek

Friday, September 17, 2010

RPG Buffet 11 (Year of D&D Part 6: AD&D Second Edition Al-Qadim and Dark Sun) (26:32)

Starting to catch back up with the Year of D&D, moving on to Second Edition AD&D, and catching up on a missed session. Louis ran Al Qadim in May, and John ran Dark Sun in June.

Mags' Marinated Beef Kabobs
Take five lbs. of stew beef, cut into cubes. Apply 4 tablespoons of Patak's Original Spicy Ginger and Garlic Marinade (or about half the jar) to the beef, and mix together 'til the beef is covered. Dump beef into a Ziploc bag and marinate in the refrigerator at least an hour, preferably 24 hours.

On kabab sticks, alternate beef, tomato, onion, bell pepper, and mushroom. Grill 'til done. Serve with coucous!

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Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition (Wikipedia)
Al-Qadim (Wikipedia)
Dark Sun (Wikipedia)
Sitar Restaurant in Louisville

Star Trek: Outpost
Brilliant Gameologists

Monday, September 13, 2010

AGC 138 September 14th 2010 (BWAHAHAHAHA!) (47:06)

With Mark Kinney, Carol, and Mags. Lots of reading to do! FantasyCraft in second printing! A nod to Brian Wood. Convention talk! Our first round of DriveThruRPG Picks Of The Fortnight! Getting into villains! Individual and group and places ("Some houses are just born bad"). Villains from the early days of D&D! Bargle Must Die! Paradise Lost. Redemption of villains. Keeping a good villain around. Media recommendations, from Infernal Affairs to the Thunderbolts!

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Show links
Crafty Games (FantasyCraft)
Con on the Cob
Into The Dark

AGC's DriveThruRPG Picks for this episode!
Mark: Diaspora (VSCA Publishing)
Carol: Shaolin Squirrels: Nuts of Fury (HinterWelt Enterprises)
Mags: Gangster London Fiasco Playset (Bully Pulpit Games)

Story Schtick

Saturday, September 11, 2010

DriveThruRPG Discount Code for September

Check out the following publishers over at DriveThruRPG this month, and use the code HotAugustGames2010 for 20% off of your purchase of their products, through October 5th, 2010!

Goodman Games
Inner City Games Designs
Palladium Books
Pinnacle Entertainment
Erisian Entertainment
Generic Universe Publishing
Holistic Design
Kallisti Press
LPJ Design
Palladium Books
Rogue Games, Inc
RPG Objects
Savage Mojo
Highmoon Games

And if you see anything you really like, be sure to tell us about it! We might make it one of our Picks of the Fortnight on an upcoming AGC episode!

AGC Feedback September 11th 2010 (14:38)

Recorded September 7th, 2010, with Mark, carol, and Mags. Forum issues. Upgrading our LibSyn (and maybe getting an iPhone app)? Virtual tabletops and Scenegrinder. Patches from the Quilt City OGRES (including one contributing to the Gygax Memorial Fund). Questions from the UK. Robert Dean returns to answer our questions. Was the Big Hairy DM captured by Martians? (Just a bit of fun, sorry, please call back!) Spoiler alert?

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Ruthless Diastema Games
OGRES Patches (
The Big Hairy Podcast (Big Hairy GM)

DriveThruRPG (Affiliate Link)
Geek Acres

Thursday, September 09, 2010

AGC News September 9th 2010 (9:22)

With Mark, Carol, and Mags. A new order from the name stuff. Charles Roberts, Avalon Hill founder, passes away. 2010 Finnish Game of the Year winners (with big apologies from Mark). 2010 International Gamer Award nominees (with less need for apologies from Carol). Wrath of Ashardalon! In the blooper reel, we pull back the curtain on our pronunciation difficulties. (And sorry, Mark isn't going to try to put together the huge list of links for all these games. With the links to the Boardgame News pages, you can execute Google searches from there easily, though.)

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Show links
Charles Roberts Obituary (Baltimore Sun)
Finnish Game of the Year Awards (Boardgame News)
Nominees for the 2010 International Gamers Awards (Boardgame News)
Wrath of Ashardalon (Wizards of the Coast)

Monday, September 06, 2010

AGC Interview 7 (Even More From GenCon) (28:01)

Mark, Carol, and Mags bring more interviews from GenCon 2010, including Mags talking to Drew Milosco(?) about the new Star Trek games from WizKids, Carol talked to Travis Parker from the Game Crafter, Mags talking Pathfinder with James Sutter from Paizo Publishing, and Mark chats with Rob Boyle and Brian Cross of Posthuman Studios about Eclipse Phase and other things.

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Show links
The Game Crafter
Paizo Publishing (Pathfinder)
Eclipse Phase (Posthuman Studios)
Mark's Guess At The Entry in Adam Jury's Blog Mentioned in the Posthuman Studios Interview. If I'm wrong, check out the blog anyway.
(And the actual blog post, thanks Adam!)

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

AGC Interview 6 (KublaCon: The Rossi Interviews) (26:54)

Listener Joe Rossi brings us coverage of the KublaCon convention from this past May in Burlingame, California. Interviewees include Paul Girardi (Z-Man Games), Robert Gifford (Geek Chic), Candace Moore (CCBE Clothiers), Ed Bryan (Troll and Toad), Patrick Stevens and Alicia Stevens (Numbskull Games), Aldo Ghiozzi (Impressions/Free RPG Day), Patrick Varney (PolyCon), Jeffrey Walker (Three Sages Games), Joshua Qualtieri (, and Alise Barley (Struck). (With apologies from Mark for any misspellings above!)

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Show links
Z-Man Games
Geek Chic
CCBE Clothiers
Troll and Toad
Numbskull Games
Free RPG Day
Three Sages Games
Artworld's page didn't seem to be working when I checked.

The Gutter Skypes