Thursday, September 02, 2010

AGC Interview 6 (KublaCon: The Rossi Interviews) (26:54)

Listener Joe Rossi brings us coverage of the KublaCon convention from this past May in Burlingame, California. Interviewees include Paul Girardi (Z-Man Games), Robert Gifford (Geek Chic), Candace Moore (CCBE Clothiers), Ed Bryan (Troll and Toad), Patrick Stevens and Alicia Stevens (Numbskull Games), Aldo Ghiozzi (Impressions/Free RPG Day), Patrick Varney (PolyCon), Jeffrey Walker (Three Sages Games), Joshua Qualtieri (, and Alise Barley (Struck). (With apologies from Mark for any misspellings above!)

Download 64kbps mp3 (12.3 MB)

Show links
Z-Man Games
Geek Chic
CCBE Clothiers
Troll and Toad
Numbskull Games
Free RPG Day
Three Sages Games
Artworld's page didn't seem to be working when I checked.

The Gutter Skypes

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