Thursday, April 27, 2006

AGC 26 April 29 2006 (Palladium Troubles and Game Reviews) (75:10)

With Mark Kinney, Chris Heim, and Carol. Breaking in new audio gear. Carol mixed up some authors last show. Palladium troubles, how to help, and their being made Site of the Fortnight. Chris does not know the phonetic alphabet. This Modern Death podcast. GenCon Event Registration begins May 1st, and remember the podcasting panel! Other convention talk. Games You May Never Have Heard Of: Discussion of Palladium's games. Nature of the Beast. Carol talks about a possible new segment on game enhancement. Another naming contest? Godsend Agenda. A planned Equat10n review delayed because of audio construction. Carol mentions Dark Inheritance. Chris considered a Doctor Seuss game setting. Disparaging Bryan Adams. Feedback on Savage Worlds and player questionaires. Mark doesn't know the phonetic alphabet either. Mick Bradley sends us Odeos. Next episode is one year, so send us comments! General thanks from Matt In Michigan. Frappr spam. Chris wants cookies. The anniversary show will have an actual topic in addition to fun stuff -- gamebooks!

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Show links
Katherine Kurtz
Kristine Katherine Rusch bibliography
Palladium Books
This Modern Death Podcast
Nature of the Beast (Eye Level Entertainment)
Godsend Agenda (Khepera Publishing)
Equat10n (Hybrid System Games)
The NATO Phonetic Alphabet (Ben Balestra)
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Monday, April 17, 2006

AGC 25 April 15 2006 (Origins Nominees and New Players) (70:57)

With Mark Kinney, Chris Heim, Carol, and James. Introducing James, the Casual Gamer. Fistfull of Comics (and Games) Podcast. Pen and Paper Fan Awards open for voting. One Year of All Games Considered coming up. The Odeo Voice Message Link. An actual website for AGC? Jared Sorenson and John Wick pulled a prank this year. Games You May Never Have Heard Of: Battle Cattle! Beware the cow puns. The Origins Award Nominees, and a general lack of research (saved by Carol on numerous occasions). Introducing new people to games, and the hazards therein. Co-GMing. Site of the Fortnight: Al Bruno the Third!

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Show links
A Fistfull of Comics (and Games)
Pen and Paper Fan Awards
Memento-Mori Theatricks
Wicked Dead Brewing Company
Wingnut Games (Battle Cattle)
Palladium Open House
GenCon Indy
Days of Wonder (Shadows Over Camelot)
TriKing Games (Anachronism)
Mind Candy (Perplex City)
Atlas Games (Gloom)
Mongoose Publishing (Paranoia Mandatory Card Game)
Margaret Weis Productions (Serenity)
Deryni Adventure Game (Grey Ghost)
White Wolf (Exalted and Mage)
Steve Jackson Games (GURPs Infinite Worlds)
Alea Tools LLC (Magnetic Markers)
Midnight Syndicate
Avalon Hill (Axis and Allies, Vegas Showdown)
BTRC (Infinite Armies)
Rocket Men - Axis of Evil (WizKids)
Dragons Landing (Project CHUPA -- in the forum)
Al Bruno III (Ben Balestra)
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Thursday, April 06, 2006

AGC 24 April 8 2006 (Game Mastering) (76:12)

With Mark Kinney, Chris Heim, and Martin Ralya. It's the GMing episode, this time actually working! GenCon Podcating Panel. GAMA Trade Show coverage can be found elsewhere. GMing resources online and off. Ben Balestra shares some words on GMing. System comparisons. Questions from the forums. Games You May Never Have Heard Of: The World of Synnibar! Coming back to party generation. Knocking on wood for the show to work.

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Show links
Gaming Report
Have Games, Will Travel
Treasure Tables
Roleplaying Tips
The Art of Game Mastering Mailing List
Roleplayers LiveJournal community
GM Workshop LiveJournal Community
Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering
Dungeons and Dragons
Hackmaster (Kenzer and Company)
White Wolf
Prime Time Adventures
Over The Edge
Unknown Armies
Call of Cthulhu
The World of Synnibarr
An RPG.Net Synnibarr Review
Deep in the Game (Ben Balestra)
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