Thursday, September 23, 2010

AGC News September 23rd 2010 (26:50)

With Mark, Carol, and Mags. The Indie RPG Awards (a little old news). The Deutscher Spiele Preis goes to Fresco! 2010 Windhammer Prize voting is open! Mike Mearls talks to the Escapist about the reception of Fourth Edition. Dolmun Creative to publish support for Bill Coffin's Septimus! Powerchords and Destiny6 Kickstarter projects (with a little commentary from Mags). Loren Wiseman needs your help with medical bills (Paypal to!

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Show links
2009 Indie RPG Awards
2010 Windhammer Prize
Red Box Renaissance (The Escapist Magazine)
Dolmen Creative (Septimus support)
Powerchords (Kickstarter)
Destiny6 (Kickstarter)
Loren Wiseman Editorial (Journal of the Travellers Aid Society)

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