Tuesday, February 02, 2010

AGC 122 February 2nd 2010 (Down in the Dungeon) (1:03:31)

With Mark Kinney, Carol, and Mags. Mark was on another show. You Can Hack It. Help a podcaster? The return of the AGC Game Tourney? Dice Camera Action coming back as a media review show? League of Gentlemen is legitimately on YouTube (and we drop into Doctor Who as a result). Super Bowl games! Dungeon Crawls! Challenging the definition a little. Reminiscing on dungeon crawls past, and confusion over the ordering of the S series. Board and card games that carry on the dungeon crawl image. Tips for the modern dungeon crawler. A few other program notes.

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Rob Lang said...

Thank you for playing my 60 second Guerilla Podcast and continuing to support Free RPGs, it's very much appreciated.

If there are any other podcasters out there who would like their own unique one to play, please let me know!

Big Trouble In Little China is a classic. Watched it recently and hadn't realised when I saw it as a teen that Jack is really quite inept! Lo Pan is a brilliant villain.

Dungeon Crawls often occur in space: exploration of a space craft wreck follows the same rules. Dungeon crawls can also be used as a way of characters hiding from an arch-villain.

If you need a dungeon to crawl in a hurry, you try Dyson's Random Morph Map

Anonymous said...

Hay, you might not remember but I interviewed Susan Van Camp about Dragon Storm several years ago at Bashcon (Bashcon 2007 I think).