Thursday, December 08, 2005

AGC 17 December 10 2005 (Religion-Based Games) (59:40)

With Mark Kinney and Chris Heim. Thanks to Mags and RPG Buffet. Barnes and Noble "University" Discovering D&D course, with MSTing effect by the hosts. Betrayal at House on the Hill. A promise of a review of Monsters Menace America. Games You May Never Have Heard Of: War On High! There should be holiday games! Thoughts on religion in Vampire. In Nomine. Rapture: The Second Coming. Fading Suns thrown in at the last minute. The End. Redemption. Settlers of Canaan. Settlers of Zarahemla.
Dragonraid. Does Mind's Eye Theater have an "I'm on fire!" sign? A letter on the Peer to Peer segment last episode. Site of the Fortnight: The end of year plans. Convention schedule podcast? Happy Holidays!

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Show links
B&NU Discovering Dungeons and Dragons
Betrayal at House on the Hill
Tri Tac Games (War on High)
In Nomine (Steve Jackson Games)
Asmodee Editions (In Nomine Satanis/Magna Veritas)
Rapture: The Second Coming
Cactus Game Design Inc (Redemption and Settlers of Canaan)
Inspiration Games (Settlers of Zarahemla)
Adventures for Christ (Dragonraid)
Star (Ben Balestra)


Charles Nicholls said...

One "religious flavoured" RPG that you missed is Dogs in the Vineyard ( It’s an excellent western RPG where you play God's watchdogs, preserving the faith and dealing out judgement and punishment for the wicked.

Jacob C. Thurston said...

On conventions.
I liove in Columbus, OH. In January, we have Ohayucon in January. It is primarily an anime/japanese pop culture convention, but they have asked GAMA to help get some gaming action going. I am working with Sean Patrick Fannon to get some gaming there. He is going to run Shaintar, and I will be running something Savage Worlds-ie-ish-esque.
In May is Marcon,
I am a big fan of Marcon and have not missed one in ten years.

Mark Kinney said...

And now I wish I had checked the comments before recording the special edition I just posted.

I'll be sure to mention these on the New Years show, if not sooner. Thanks, guys!

gamer-geek said...

What, no luck finding Holiday Themed RPGs? How about A Kringle in Time by S. John Ross for the Risus RPG? There was also an old Fudge/Gatecrasher semi-freebie called "Santa's Secret", it's at RPGNow, and the Grey Ghost site has this to say about it: "In late 1998, we released Santa's Secret, a 24-page Fudge / Gatecrasher / Christmas adventure with pre-generated characters and All the Rules You Need to Know." Maybe they don't jump out at you (Well, Kringle might if you met it in a dark alley), but there're out there. Or were you looking for an RPG that was ONLY Holiday themed?

Pete said...

Good morning -

Enjoyed the show! Keep up the great work.

In regards to Barnes and Noble offering "DND Classes". I think you guys were a bit hard on them. Consider the fact that they are bringing Role Play Gaming to the masses. Any outlet that promotes gaming this way is a GOOD thing. Kudos to them, I say! May they create many new gamers.

Joshua Kronengold said...

It's worth trying the new Arkham Horror game, since it sits interstingly between the old AH game and HotH -- many, many more locations (all fixed, like the old AH game), variable endgames, and a greater variety of goals for the significantly more adventures available (that said, it's a more complicated and longer game than the old AH -- also like HotH).

Joshua Kronengold said...

Actually, listening on, it seems like the AH comment may have been referring to the new AH (surprising me since HotH is years old, whereas the new AH game is, well, new), in which case I recommend also trying the old AH game if you can find it; it's very different, if thematically similar.