Thursday, October 13, 2005

AGC 13 October 15 2005 (Wargaming) (63:50)

With Mark Kinney, Chris Heim, and "Just Mike." D&D2 wasn't so bad. Ars Magica continues to haunt Mark, with anyone who cares unhappy with him. Speaking of selling out, how about advertising? Games You Might Not Have Heard Of: Ground Zero Games. Free Gaming. Putting off a name decision until next show, and a review of the prizes. Microtactix samples and their constructible building lines. Wargaming discussion. Types of wargaming. Complexity. Ogre/GEV. Stratego. Onslaught: D-Day to the Rhine. Settlers of Catan? Mechwarrior. Ogre/GEV again. Snapshot. RPG related wargaming tangent L5R Clan War, Dragons of War, Battlesystem. Diplomacy. Podcast Diplomacy? Machiavelli. Colonial Diplomacy. Ogre again. Risk. Monopoly? Commands and Colors: Memoir '44 and Battle cry. EMails.

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Show links
Ground Zero Games
Ground Zero Games Full Thrust/Dirtside Downloads
Lock 'n' Load
Budget Battlefield games/Postcard from the Revolution
Irregular Webcomic
Brikington Manor Horrors
The Post-Apocalypse Research Vessel

Onslaught: D-Day to the Rhine
Memoir '44
Battle Cry (Ben Balestra)


Joe Belanger said...

Great show guys! Settlers is as much a wargame as Scrabble is... or Chess for that matter.

Guys... why Mike? Why do you hate us so much to include this guy? Have you ever seen Conan O'Brian goof on nerds? Mike, you're playing right into the stereotype. Mike, you have a certain Jar Jar-ness about you. Remember, less is more. Less Mike is more entertaining.

Joe Belanger said...

Not at all nice, but don't ask for feedback if you don't expect to get any. I was being constructive. I could've spoken my mind and really been 'not very nice'.

Mike should get his own podcast called "Lame Gamer Jokes That We've All Heard a Thousand Times, and Cringed at Them an Equal Amount" or "Don't Ever Introduce Me to People You Respect".