Tuesday, July 11, 2006

AGC 31 July 8 2006 (Time Travel Bits and Unsupported Games) (61:01)

With Mark Kinney and Chris Heim. Mark trashes most of the episode we recorded because it was crap, so the episode topic (time travel) will return later. (And sorry about the rough nature of the first half of this week's podcast, as Audacity crashed on Mark halfway through editing, and he was really sick of hearing all this over and over.) Mark doesn't want to talk about how the leaving to involve himself in the chupacabra plot went. Green Ring Ethos, and particularly it's discussion of Waverly Hills Sanitorium. No listeners locked in the Bastille that we know of. Origins Awards vs Gamers Choice Awards. Vanguard Awards and Hall of Fame. A short glance at Infinite Armies. Take our survey (but not if you already have)! Games You May Never Have Heard Of: Stalkling The Night Fantastic! Carol's as yet unnamed Gaming Tips: Problem Players! Gaming For Cheap Bastards: Time Lord and Journeys! Games that have dropped out of support.

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Paranoia Mandatory Card Game (Mongoose Publishing)
Artesia (Archaia Press Studio)
Serenity (Margaret Weis Productions)
Infinite Armies (BTRC)
Tri Tac Games (Stalking The Night Fantastic)
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