Thursday, October 26, 2006

AGC 39 October 28 2006 (The Women Take Over) (1:14:09)

With Carol, Marsha, Jacqui, Jennifer, and Stephanie. The women take over the show. Eden loses the Buffy/Angel license. New podcasts, and one relaunch. The RPG Buffet concept. How they got started. Gaming and Governor's Scholar. Has the more story-driven gaming style brought women into the hobby? Systems and settings. GMing differences. Gamer stereotypes. Gender-bending in games. Does Carol miss Chris? Gaming with a significant other. Advice for future women gamers.

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Anonymous said...

this is only the second episode of this show i've heard so far, but i'm enjoying it.
i just had to comment. i found it interesting that, when talking about larping, someone said that it brought in more female players because there is still a stigma attached to just sitting around a table and gaming.
strangely, among most of the gamers i know, there is a large stigma against larpers. they are generally believed to be, well, crazy. i don't personally have any direct experience with larping, though, and while i don't really feel the urge to do it, i wouldn't mind trying it sometime either.
i find it interesting that you think females who aren't gamers would find larping less "strange" than tabletop.

Anonymous said...

i probably should have listened to the whole show before writing my previous comment. now i feel the need to comment again.
i'm a guy. i've played quite a few female characters. and, i have -never- based them around some absurd lesbian sexual fantasy. generally i prefer not to have blantant sexual stuff in the games i run or play anyway. when i decide to play a female character i do it because, for whatever reason, i feel that being female is right for that character, that it makes it more interesting or fun. generally her sexual preferences never even come up. i get rather pissed whenever i hear stories about guys who do that sort of thing as i feel it is something that is likely to drive people, both men and women, away from the hobby - and that is definitely not something i want.