Friday, December 29, 2006

AGC 43 December 30 2006 (New Years Show II) (1:52:38)

With Mark Kinney, Chris Heim, Carol, and Mick Bradley. Chris is brain dead from lack of sleep. The books we're using to set the microphones on. 2006 Year In Review: AGC developments. GenCon, and cons in general. Podcast proliferation. Ask A Gamer spawning I Wish I Had This Show In Real Life. Dice! Camera! Action! An aside on Highlander 2. GMing episode, and more women shows. Jaren Sorensen's April Fools prank. Bad times for several games companies. The Ohio State University gaming study. The summer awards. Mick remembers he's in the studio. Riffing on Podcast editing. Indie games, and their making and distribution. Back to GenCon. Lodging discussions. More website ramblings. Meeting more often? Shaken Not Stirred. Mark addresses the DoA version of AGC. Last Unicorn and Star Trek -- again. The women's show, and live recordings. LARP remembrances. Happy New Year! Unstructured discussion. New Years Resolutions. Phone signal interruption. Our actual play Side Dishes at the Harping Monkey. RPG Buffet segment? Pimp My Game? Various feedback. The Demon Schedulos! Thinking back to college gaming. Gaming stories.

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Show links
House of the Harping Monkey/Round Table/Misfit Brew
Gamer: The Podcasting
I Wish I Had This Show In Real Life
Dice! Camera! Action!
Treasure Tables
Memento-Mori Theatricks
Palladium Books
Green Ronin Publishing
Pulp Gamer
Laughing Pan (Deliria/Everyday Heroes)
Indie Press Revolution
The Forge
After Serenity
Fear The Boot
Dragon's Landing
Evil Hat Productions (Spirit of the Century)
Faery's Tale (Firefly Games)
Army of Darkness (Eden Studios)
Green Ring Ethos
Onyx Hollow LARP (NERO)

UK Games Expo
Sons of Kryos
Things Are Looking Up
Does My Geek Look Big In This?
The Geek Wedding
Dice! Camera! Action!

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