Friday, May 11, 2007

AGC 51 May 12 2007 (Ending a Campaign/Two Years of AGC) (1:39:43)

With Mark Kinney, Chris Heim, Carol, and Mick Bradley. Live on location from our secret underground lair (aka Carol's place). Ben can't skype in due to computer issues. Carol's move (and resulting entertainment center). In Media Res in talks to take over the Shadowrun license. WizKids Hellboy set coming as a crossover between HorrorClix and HeroClix? Mark found the Star Wars spaceship minis. Superman tags for the Chistopher Reeve Foundation. Mick's thoughts about the new Changeling news. Ending a Campaign. Carol will be running Tribe 8 for the Rolemonkeys in the near future. Designing a campaign with an end in mind. An interview with Chad Ellis from Your Move Games, regarding new and upcoming releases. A librarian's look at online access. D&D Insider. The Game Tourney is going into the finals! ENT00004 is the GenCon Podcasting Fan Party! The impending return of First Strike at Collectible Games! Voicemails! Dice Camera Action! Looking back at Ask A Gamer and the response. Entries from the forums, and our favorites as well.

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Show links
Shadowrun RPG (News of the transition to In Media Res LLC)
Superman Tags (Christopher Reeve Foundation)
Suppressed Transmission (Steve Jackson Games)
Prime Time Adventures (Dog-eared Designs)
Your Move Games (Battleground)
D&D Insider Announcement (EN World)
Bunnies And Burrows Wikipedia Entry
Villains and Vigilantes Wikipedia Entry

Things Are Looking Up
Canon Puncture
The Rolemonkeys
International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
Midnight's Lair

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