Friday, August 03, 2007

AGC 56 August 4 2007 (Son of Big Damn Review Show) (1:06:30)

With Mark Kinney, Chris Heim, Carol, and Ben Balestra. Congrats on a birth. The location of the podcaster gathering at GenCon. Mark mispronounced Qin last time. A Vampire: The Eternal Struggle expansion release event coming in Septemeber. Seeking Star Wars minis. Q-Workshop. A dice episode? Games You May Never Have Heard Of: Battle Dragons! Not Quite A Gaming For Cheap Bastards, But One To Follow Up Later: ICAR! A look (finally!) at Polymancer Magazine. Pieces of Eight. Fantasy Sagas. A note from the Groovecast about the bridge collapse in Minnesota, and a call for Red Cross donations. Carol promises to catch up to email. So does Mark, for that matter. Meet us at ConGlomeration and GenCon.

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Show links
Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (White Wolf)
Spartacus Publishing
Battle Dragons (Spartacus Publishing)
Polymancer Magazine
Pieces of Eight (Atlas Games)
Ironwood Omnimedia (Fantasy Sagas E-RPG)
Twin Cities Red Cross

Accent Your Character
GenCon Indy
Hosting The Kazimeer
Wandering Geek Podcast
The Game Master Show
Twin Cities Red Cross

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