Friday, September 14, 2007

AGC 60 September 15 2007 (Two-Player Games) (1:03:19)

With Mark Kinney, Chris Heim, and Carol. And now the news! Summarizing the ENnies results, and Pulp Gamer's Parsec wins. Flying Mice/TheRPGSite table contest. Q-Workshop Dice Contest. Hex Releases the Dungeon of Moderate Annoyance. Barnes and Noble gaming meetups. WizKids Clicky releases. Recalling contests of old. Gaming For Cheap Bastards: The full look at ICAR! Wisdom of the Gamers: To Fudge or Not To Fudge? Two player games. BattleLore, Battle Cry, and Memoir '44. Snits and Awful Green Things. Chris' Three Types of two-player games. Mark's Two Types of two-player games. Sports! Multiplayer games that work well with two. Mark meant to talk about Dwarves, not Elves! Mark looks at Space Station Assault. Chris and Carol discuss Geek Wars. Interview with Alan Duncan from nbos software. Feedback on a neat little game aid. Contests, current and future.

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Show links
The ENnie Awards
Flying Mice/TheRPGSite Table Contest
Q-Workshop Wargaming Dice Contest
Hex Games (Dungeon of Moderate Annoyance)
Roleplaying Tips Dice Advice
Critical Miss: Fun With Dice
Memoir '44 (Days of Wonder)
Battle Lore (Days of Wonder)
Snits (Steve Jackson Games)
Awful Green Things From Outer Space (Steve Jackson Games)
Blood Bowl (Specialist Games/Games Workshop)
Your Move Games (Battleground: Fantasy Warfare and Space Station Assault)
Pizza Box Football
Magic: The Gathering (Wizards of the Coast)
Highlander: the TCG (Board Game Geek)
Dungeon Twister (Asmodee Editions)
Looney Labs (Icehouse)
One on One Adventure Gamebooks (
Lost Worlds Gamebooks (Flying Buffalo)
Breaking The Ice (Black and Green Games)
Chris Engle Matrix Games (Hamster Press)
Warmachine (Privateer Press)
Nature of the Beast (Eye Level Entertainment)
Geek Wars (Goodman Games)
nbos Software (Astrosynthesis and Fractal Mapper)
Doctor Wizard's Patented Elevation Indicator (Emeralds Emporium)

Dragons Landing
Wandering Geek Podcast
The Vintage Gamer

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