Friday, October 26, 2007

AGC 66 October 27 2007 (Changeling Nightmares) (1:03:59)

With Mark Kinney, Chris Heim, Carol, Steve, and Ben Balestra. Steve's unexpected continuation on the show. Vampires versus Ninja. Help the Brobdignagian Bards recover from a foul, evil scam. We're not really in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Third Reich rules available free from Avalanche Press. Talisman on your computers this winter? Avalanche: from pinup covers to old school wargames. Games You May Never Have Heard Of: Nightbane! Changeling: The Lost coverage continues. Carol interviews Ethan Skemp and Aileen Miles of White Wolf. Autumn Nightmares. Mark is moving soon, so some scheduling concerns are addressed. UKon. We have a winner!

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