Wednesday, March 26, 2008

AGC 76 March 27 2008 (Out There With The Humor Again) (58:38)

With Mark Kinney, Chris Heim, and Ben Balestra. Paizo brings us Pathfinder! Tonight's subject matter. A note about the AGC Game Tourney leads to momentary NCAA discussion. Mark's aside on the past of USENet April Fools jokes. Guess The False Facts About The Hosts, Part One! Games You May Never Have Heard Of: Manhunter! Mark talks about Game Night. Guess The False Facts About The Hosts, Part Two! Chris talks about Nuisances. Farce campaigns and humorous games. Closing out the False Facts game. The revival of Mark's rap career?

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MelondraBee said...

I loved the four facts segment. What were you doing with a metal helmet out in a thunderstorm? LARPing?

I enjoyed the show as always.

Mark Kinney said...

Nope, this was possibly before LARPing was a big thing.

It was during ConCave, years ago. I'd found the helmet at an antique store in Cave City, and it happened to go well with a trenchcoat I had with me, so I was wearing the thing around a lot.

This was the year a huge storm front ran through, knocking out the power (not so hard, as the con was held out in the middle of nowhere) and flooding a bunch of roads. At some point during the weekend, a bunch of people organized a hike out to this old carnival tilt-house abandoned out in the woods surrounding the hotel. And so it happened.