Monday, May 19, 2008

AGC 78 May 20 2008 (The End Of An Era) (1:42:59)

With Mark Kinney, Chris Heim, Carol, and Ben Balestra. Everyone's here! Except Ben, thanks to Skype troubles. ConGlomeration. A convention episode of SLGG. The whole crew may make it to HyperiCon! The AGC Game Tourney finals, and plans for next year. The new high-tech AGC Studio. Games You May Never Have Heard Of: Sceptre 1027. Chris takes a look at Hollow Earth Expedition. Arkham Terror: Experimental Therapy and the shape of Matrix Games to come. GenCon talk. Gaming fiction, and fiction from gaming (and more than a couple of asides). An email and ending talk. Talisman online stuff again. Looking for your feedback.

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Secret Life of Girl Gamers
Sceptre 1027 AD (Board Game Geek)
Sceptre 1027 AD (Chess Variants)
Hollow Earth Expedition (Exile Games Studio)
Mad Cat Creations
Hamster Press (Engle Matrix Games)
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The Adventures of Indiana Jim
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Anonymous said...

I gotta say, I'm extremely disappointed with the reaction to the winner of your tournament. Seriously, the groaning and all that was entirely uncalled for and simply put it shows that the tournament was entirely a farce. If you're going to hold a contest on-line, then have the decency to show some respect to the participants and especially the winner. Seriously, clean up your act.

Mark Kinney said...

For one thing, it was one of the three of us reacting that way.

For another, entirely a farce? More so than if we had decided to just overturn the result?

Act is clean, sir.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, you held yourself from saying as much but you accused people of cheating, and the only positive thing you said was that the palladium fan base was organized. Wow, great accolades for a winner of your tournement.

You introduced the topic in your show like it was a chore for crying out loud. If you don't want someone to win, which you've made clear, and the last contest 'update' before this one showed that as well, don't include them in your contest.

Your reaction to the results was like inviting someone to the Olympics and then saying the only thing good about the gold medal winner is that they're dressed nice. That's why it was a farce.

Anonymous said...

The total number of votes cast in the final round of the were far lower when compared to the previous rounds. Why, becase of what occured in the previous round. It was made very clear, both in the voting and on one particular fan board, that regardless of how many fans for another game voted, the fans for these games would just vote over and over to keep their games in the lead. It made it clear to others that voting did not matter!

There was even a suggesting of creating BOTS to increase there games vote totals. Suggestion on how to clear cookies so they could vote more than once a day. And this was from a freelancer for the company.

Cheating is no fun for anyone, and that was made clear here.

Mark Kinney said...

I addressed a post at Palladium's forums by LostOne -- which now that I look at it, you're right. I'll address that next time.

I did not remove the games from the Tourney, and I brought up the fan base to counter the unprovable suspicion. But I'm still going to look into options for next year's voting to avoid the question at all, if possible.

And I, me, myself, honestly have no stake in who wins. I'm interested in participation, and that came up several times in the Palladium forum threads. And I'm the only one, after selections, who had any hand in the process.

So, sorry you think it's a farce, but it changes nothing.

Mark Kinney said...

And for the record, there were just as many people on the boards denouncing the ones calling to exploit the system (to address the other commenter).

Anonymous said...

Mark - Thanks for reviewing the Boxed Arkham Terror: Experimental Therapy game! I look forward to seeing you at Gen Con.

Chris Engle
Hamster Press

Anonymous said...

1) I can't believe how controversial the whole tournament thing is. My goodness people... We're talking about GAMES here...

2) Chris, you made me feel very old when you said something ala: " from the 80s, 'Land Of The Lost'..." Um... I watched the ORIGINAL 'LotL' in the 70s, buddy! The 80s delivered a piss-poor "remake" that original fans almost universally despised. So old... So friggin' old...