Saturday, December 27, 2008

REPOST: AGC 93 December 26 2008 (Playing Catch-Up) (51:21)

With Mark Kinney. News about the New Year Show. Interview with Mark Hooper of Frontier Games about Old Frontiers. RPG Buffet's October selection, Hellsing. An interview with Chad Ellis from Your Move Games and James Bell of Fiery Dragon Games. RPG Buffet's November selection, Dark Ages Vampire. An interview with Chris Engle of Hamster Press.

I didn't find the Chili recipe Mags mentions in that RPG Buffet, but I imagine it will wind up either in a comment here, or over in the forums.

RPG Buffet Spaghetti Sauce:
Sautee' thinly sliced yellow onions (and garlic cloves if you want) until they turn caramel colored (which brings out their sugars), then add tomato paste; cook

Add meat (I prefer a mix of pork and beef ground meat)

Add chopped zucchini, carotts, fresh tomatoes (preferably peeled, but not necessary), red and green pepper, eggplant, and sliced mushrooms.

Add in maybe 1/2 cup of red wine and fresh herbs: thyme, basic, rosemary and bay leaves. Let everything simmer for a while.

Throw in a little more tomato paste until you get the consistency you like. Let simmer for a little while.

Remove leaves, add salt and pepper.

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Frontier Games (Old Frontiers)
Hellsing (Pen and Paper RPG)
Your Move Games (Battleground and the Battle for Hill 218)
Fiery Dragon Productions (Counterstrike Minigames)
Dark Ages: Vampire downloads (White Wolf Game Studio)
Hamster Press (Engle Matrix Games)

Yog Radio
The Gutter Skypes
Arcadian Gate

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