Sunday, February 08, 2009

AGC 96 February 8 2009 (Snow Delay) (46:30)

Apologies on some audio quality issues with this one. You will also find references to a bit Carol was going to send in. It's not there, and it's not a mistake; it's technical difficulties at her end. Look for all to be back in place next episode.

With Mark Kinney. Big snow disruption in the area led to a lean show this week. Mark's gaming, and upcoming actual play podcasting of his Byzantine D&d Game. Bounty Head Bebop in print! Pelgrane's Mutant City Blues contest. Palladium's Rifts movie letter campaign. Storn Cook and a webcomic. Mark briefly talks about Bucephalus Games' Rorshach. RPG Buffet's 2008 Year In Review, with a question about Marvel Universe.

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The Byzantine Game
Heroic Journey Publishing (Bounty Head Bebop)
Mutant City Blues Contest (Pelgrane Press)
Rifts Movie Letter Campaign (Forums of the Megaverse)
Rorshach (Bucephalus Games)
Talisman Studios (Shaintar: Immortal Legends)

Save Against Frostbite
The GutterSkypes

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