Tuesday, March 10, 2009

AGC 98 March 10 2009 (Parental Discretion Is Advised) (1:19:25)

With Mark Kinney and Mags. Mags tried out Scion: Demigod, and Mark picked up Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying. 4th Edition GSL revision is live! World Wide Dungeons and Dragons Game Day in the UK! Changes to Magic's core set program! Fight Klub! I Am Mongoose And So Can You! Getting into gaming controversy. What makes for controversy? Violence, and pyschology. The Eggbert case. Rod Ferrell and the Vampire Cult. Misunderstanding what the game is, and the Steve Jackson Secret Service raid and GURPS Cyberpunk. (And by the way, support the EFF!) Touching on religion (but coming back to that in a later episode) and a few other notable events. Game content, and cover content, like the early Avalanche Press line and the Book of Erotic Fantasy. Is controversy bad, and can it have a point? Pimp: The Backhanding, Violence, Power Kill, and War on Terror. Looks at Blasphemy and the Suicide Bomber Card Game. Goodman Games needs GMs for it's GenCon 2009 Dungeon Crawl Classics Tournament, and Keith Baker will game for sleeping space. A pointer to a geek dating site, and can we help a fellow podcaster?

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Scion (White Wolf)
Basic Roleplaying (Chaosium)
4th Edition GSL
D&D Game Day
Magic: The Gathering Set Changes
More Magic Information
Decipher (Fight Klub)
I Am Mongoose, And So Can You
The Dungeon Master (
Places to Go, People to Be Summary of the Eggbert Case
Court TV Rod Ferrell Archive
GURPS Cyberpunk (Steve Jackson Games)
Hacker (Steve Jackson Games)
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Pimp: The Backhanding (White Wolf/Arthaus)
Violence The RPG (Scroll down to August 20th)
Power Kill
War on Terror (Terror Bull Games)
Blasphemy (Pinstripe Publishing)
Bucephalus Games (Suicide Bomber)
Guillotine (Wikipedia)
Nuclear War (Flying Buffalo)
Goodman Games Dungeon Crawl Classics Tournament GMs
Keith Baker's Travel of Adventure
Gamer's Haven

The Podgecast
Commit Yourself to the Brink! (JC Hutchins' Personal Effects: Dark Art)
Gamer's Haven

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Ethan Parker said...

I am such a dork.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Soul Geek, I would give a disclaimer that they are very opposed to alternative lifestyles.

They refuse to approve any polyamorous, swinger, or kink/ fetishist profiles.

This is unfortunate, as there are a lot of polyamorous and kink-friendly people in the geek community, as evidenced by the presence of fora for polyamoury, bondage, and alternative sexuality at most major conventions in recent years.

Tyler said...

There was another attempt at a gamer-centric dating site a couple years ago, the name of which escapes me. It began with "RPG-" I think.

I wish that, instead of all these disparate groups and individuals starting up their own gamer networking sites -- dating and otherwise -- someone would just co-opt an already existing network. A killer Facebook app that encapsulated the major aspects of tabletop gaming -- cataloging collections and play experiences, discussing with others, maybe facilitating online play -- would reach so many more people than J. Random Networking Site with no advertising budget or real technical support.

Joseph L. Selby said...

Thanks for playing our promo. And good episode.

Mongoose's secret on how to be a full time game designer? Sell your customers a first edition full of errors and then offer to sell them a corrected second edition at a discount less than Amazon offers. Be sure this edition includes enough errors you can do another update later.