Wednesday, June 24, 2009

AGC News June 25th 2009 (13:12)

With Mark, Carol, Mags, and Steve. Cubicle-7 announces an October 2009 release for Doctor Who RPG. Core Mechanics making an "I Am A Gamer" Audio Montage. Hasbro liscensing it's properties for clothing (with a few ideas from us). Fantasy Flight Games launches it's Warhammer PDF line. Wizards of the Coast announces it will take Paypal for DDI subscriptions. Michael Fiegel launching a 4-episode column on the development of Hellas. An interesting article about LARP. Mutant Chronicles movie comes to SciFi -- er, we mean Syfy.

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Show links
Cubicle-7 (Doctor Who)
ICV2 Doctor Who Article
Core Mechanics "I Am A Gamer"
Fantasy Flight PDF Announcement
Hellas: From Alpha To Omega Part 1
LARP Article
Mutant Chronicles: The Movie

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Ben Balestra said...

Hay, some of us liked In The Name Of The King! I watched it with my gaming group when it came out on DVD. It is a good gamer flick, right up there with Hawk the Slayer and Big Trouble in Little China.