Thursday, September 17, 2009

AGC News September 17th 2009 (13:22)

With Mark, Mags, and Carol. One Bad Egg packs it in. Pathfinder to PCGen! Fantasy Flight picks up Tannhauser! FantasyCraft and Spycraft licensing! More on the GenCon-Indy connection. ENnie Awards fan survey is online (as are pictures). A Dungeon Twister 2 release date!

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Show links
One Bad Egg
Highmoon Media
Fred Hicks comments on EN World
Justin D. Jacobson comments on EN World
PCGen (Sourceforge)
Fantasy Flight Acquires Tannhauser
Crafty Games "Powered By FantasyCraft/Spycraft" Licensing
GenCon in Indy through 2015
ENnies Fan Survey
ENnies Ceremony Pictures
Dungeon Twister (US Site)

Contact Us! (Ben Balestra) (Carol) (Mags)

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