Tuesday, December 29, 2009

AGC 121 December 29th 2009 (Happy New Year V) (1:57:13)

With Mark Kinney, Carol, Mags, and Carinn Seabolt. Sean Patrick Fannon was supposed to join us as well, but for timing and technical difficulties. Talking about the handfasting. Tents and lights, three gallons of Steak 'n' Shake chili, and wedding night pranks. Character sheet cakes. 2009 Year In Review. Games came to our attention, conventions were attended, our town hosted a succession of natural disasters, and we lost some notables. Ringing in the new year (and a warning about Mags' singing...). Show topics for the future (pulled from the Bounty Head Bebop entries), and discussion of a few of them as we go.

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Show links
Sean and Carinn's handfasting (Livestream)
Lady Blackbird (One.Seven Design)

Wandering Geek Podcast
J.C. Hutchins (7th Son: Descent)

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