Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mags-The-Axe School of GMing 3 (Finding Players) (14:07)

Mags, Mark, and Carol talk about finding players.

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BoardGameGeek Player Finder
Nearby Gamers
Pen And Paper Games has a player registry as part of its forum.
RPG Registry
Steve Jackson Games Player and Store Finder
White Wolf Online As part of a forum account, you can sign up for White Wolf's player finder.
Yog-Sogoth Player Directory

Web Forae
Atomic Think Tank Player Locator A subforum of the Atomic Think Tank for Mutants & Masterminds
DnDResources.ccom Gamers Seeking Gamers Forum
Paranoia Live.Net's Recruitment Station
EN World Gamers Seeking Gamers Forum
Hero Games Player Finder Forum
ICE Gamers Seekimg Gamers Forum
NerdNYC Forums - Serving Geeks in the New York City area
RPG.Net Gamer Gatherings
RPG Library Players Looking For Games
EN World Gamers Seeking Gamers Forum
Hero Games Player Finder Forum
Steve Jackson Gamers Gamer Finder Forum
WotC's RPG Gamer Classifieds

Other Online Resources
ConnCon Gamer Classifieds. A webpage of ads by gamers looking for like, sponsored by ConnCon.
Role-Playing Gamers' Bulletin Board

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Anonymous said...

I wrote an article on finding local board and card games and gamers and used a resource I found through this episode: Nearby Gamers (my profile: Thanks for the great resources :-)