Thursday, May 19, 2011

AGC 149 May 19th 2011 (That Is... Totally Allowed!) (1:12:08)

With Mark Kinney, Carol and Mags. A knitting podcast? Fun and drama, and a donation! The podsting delay shows. ConGlom talk, with gig thanks to the Game Knights, Completely Comics, and DriveThruRPG! DriveThruRPG May Codes and our DriveThru Picks! Yes, it's a later posting than I'd thought it would be. Goodman Games' "Crime Pays." Helping out Crimson Castle (as well as others affected by the tornadoes back in April and May). Allowing things in games. Allowing things in the first place and accomodating players. What to do if it goes wrong? More ConGlomeration talk. Mark nabbed a few things, and a discussion of GM screens. Carol's busyness. First convention games. The GMing seminar. Zendo. Il Troubadour. Tales from the Dead Dog Party. Mags as Moderator. Mags' Sexual Harassment in Fandom panel.

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Show links
The Game Knights Podcast
Completely Comics Podcast
Fandom Fest
Tuscaloosa Tornado Video (Vimeo)
Crimson Castle Chess and Games (DriveThruRPG)
Dawn's Craft and Consignment
Dawn's Dice Bags (YouTube)
Ab3 Collector's Set (
ConGlomeration 2011 Sexual Harassment Panel (UStream)
Con Anti Harassment Project
Back-Up Project
Jim C Hines: Reporting Sexual Harassment in SF&F blog post
The Geek Social Fallacies
Miss Manner's Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior (Amazon)

The Geek Feminisim Wiki's Timeline of Incidents

AGC's DriveThruRPG Picks for this episode!
Mark: Happy Birthday Robot! (Evil Hat)
Carol: Dresden Files Case File: Night Fears (Evil Hat)
and Mom Player Class (Bards and Sages)
Mags: Wire to Wire (Two Hour Wargames)

D6 Generation
Solid Symbols

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