Wednesday, June 22, 2011

AGC News June 22nd 2011 (26:40)

With Mark and Mags. Former Wizards employee pleads guilty. New Yu-Gi-Oh! logo and mechanics. Looney and Elmore team up for Seven Dragons! Mage Wars! Star Trek Fleet Captains! Devil's Dice! Mayfair Catan licensing! Strasbourg coming to the US! Angry Birds coming to the tabletop. Teaching teenagers about the Electoral College. Topps rumor? Burning Wheel Gold! Cosmic Patrol from Catalyst. The Hellas Action Deck Kickstarter. More about WizKids' Pathfinder Minis and HALO HeroClix! Sorry, you missed Free RPG Day, and I didn't feel like re-editing.

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Show links
Seven Dragons (Looney Labs)
Mage Wars (ElfinWerks/Arcane Wonders)
Star Trek Fleet Captains (WizKids/NECA)
Devil's Dice (Mongoose Publishing)
Strasbourg German Page (Pegasus Spiele)
G.G.'s Red/Blue Electoral College Game (Teacher's Discovery)
Burning Wheel Gold Announcement
Cosmic Patrol (Catalyst Game Labs)
Hellas Action Deck (Kickstarter)

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