Monday, August 08, 2011

AGC News August 8th 2011 (12:40)

With Mags. Transformers brings Hasbro some money. FFG picks up the Star Wars licenses. Intellectual property disputes and plagiarism. Second Edition Game of Thrones board game coming from FFG. More intellectual propery conflicts. Munchkin: The Guild! NG International liquidating. Diamond to distribute Cryptozoic's The Walking Dead Board Game. Futurama Monopoly. Pathfinder Battles! The Battleship movie trailer. Even more IP dispute.

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Star Wars: X-Wing (Fantasy Flight Game)
Star Wars: The Card Game (Fantasy Flight Games)
Encounters in Intellectual Property (Mad Brew Labs)
Wilderness of Mirrors (John Wick Presents)
Sword Noir (Sword's Edge Publishing)
Paizo Copyright Flap (Geek Related)
Obsidian Portal
Paizo Publishing Community Use Policy
Paizo Publishing Community Use Packages
A Game of Thrones Board Game (Fantasy Flight Games)
CGF sends cease and desist regarding unlicensed version of Glory To Rome (BoardGameGeek)
Glory To Rome Black Box Edition (Kickstarter)
Dice Age (Kickstarter)
Battleship Trailer (Hollywood Reporter)
BattleLore Copyright Infringement and Unfair Competition Suit (Patent Arcade)

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