Monday, October 03, 2011

AGC News October 3rd 2011 (22:32)

With Mark and Mags. Toy Hall of Fame news. GenCon expanding the Family Game Area. Coming from Steve Jackson Games! Civilization: Fame and Fortune. Dice of Doom brings us Play A New RPG Month! Monte Cook back at Wizards! New Paizo Organized Play Coordinator. Pathfinder Battles subscriptions! Mark Twain's boardgame, and Monopoly and Settlers in a steel cage!

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Show links
Steve Jackson Games
Sid Meier's Civilization (Fantasy Flight Games)
Dice of Doom Podcast
Getting the Most out of PANRPG (Angry DM)
Untold the Game (Ignitus Innovation)
Tangent: Harvester for Untold/Pathfinder on DriveThruRPG (Ignitus Innovation)
Pathfinder Battles Subscriptions Go Live! (Paizo Publishing)
Mark Twain Invented a Board Game Called Memory-Builder (Mental_Floss)
Getting Back in the Game (Chicago Tribune)

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