Monday, December 12, 2011

AGC 159 December 12th 2011 (Good Night Everybody!) (1:10:16)

With Mark Kinney, Carol, and Mags. We're here, and have a topic! Updates, and the RPG Buffet calendar for 2012! iPhone, Android, and V20, and notes on notetaking. A new podcast (well, it was when we recorded): Law of the Geek! And other podcasts Mark has picked up. Wow, this took a while to release... DriveThruRPG Picks! Fabled Environment's Provincial Hotel review (and further discussion of using maps and the like in a game). Past Mark (looking for a past podcast mascot) kills Current Mark to introduce our Temporal Shenanigans topic for the night. Paradoxes? Immutable past? Alternate histories? PCs meeting themselves? Past PCs vs Future PCs? Replays and prophecies. Flashbacks and memories. A game modeled on Cryptonomicon. Time is like a piece of stream. Rescuing Current Mark. A post-credits gaming story.

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Show links
Deliria: Goblin Markets (Quiet Thunder Productions)
Law of the Geek Podcast
Geek Love Radio
How Did This Get Made?
Modern Floorplans: Hotel (Fabled Environments)
Wikihistory (Abyss and Apex)

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AGC's DriveThruRPG Picks for this episode!
Mark: Lacuna Part 1 (second attempt) (Memento Mori Theatricks)
Carol:Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition (White Wolf)
Mags:Toxic Bag Productions Sound Effects

Adventures of Indiana Jim
The Gutter Skypes
Nerdbound Podcast


Ed Healy said...

Very happy to be working with AGC. Thanks, guys.

Jason Kerney said...

First I really enjoy your POD cast. I listen to a plethora of POD casts on several different topics. There are only 2 RPG POD casts that have remained on my list. Yours is one of them.

Second. I ran a really cool GURPS time travel game. The key here was that none of the players knew it was a time travel game.

They were told it was taking place in pre-FTL Science fiction version of LA. Technology was high. They were told that this was to make members of the LA PD.

The very first case they were on was the investigation of the purchase of controlled technology. When they served the warrant they arrived soon enough to see the suspect jump into a machine and "Bamf" gone. Quick investigation shows that it is a time machine. There is one more portable control panel, and then their Sargent fades out of existence.

They find portfolios on each of them... And the chase begins.

I had weird things happen that unexpectedly help them out at odd times. Then later in the game the players did those things, some times on purpose, some times as a side effect of trying to save their bottoms.

In the end the suspect was the good guy who discovered a time traveler from the future who was mucking around with history.

In the end the ultimate enemy ended up being caused by the players trying to stop his future self. Then they had to figure out how to stop their past selves from creating the villain that would destroy the universe. What made it more interesting was that time travel had never been researched before, so no one knew the effects or ramifications.

They had freedom to travel anywhere at any time, but the threat was high enough that they kept to basic story line. Time travel just became a means to keep me thinking on my feet... Kind of like Mage Magic from White Wolf.

Hope to see you guys at Gen Con 2012.

Jason Kerney said...

.... SORRY ....

I thought my comment was not being posted...

Please forgive the spam...

the UX provided by Blogger.. is not intuitive.

Mark Kinney said...

Awesome story! And indeed, hope to see you at GenCon.

And yeah, the Blogger changes haven't impressed me. You should see the posting part...