Monday, February 27, 2012

AGC News February 28th 2011 (28:41)

With Mark, Carol, and Mags. Been gone a while, explaination forthcoming. Magic: The Gathering is a big brand! 2013 Magic core set in July. SuperPAC! Munchkin in-print set adjustments. Hobbit games on the way! Lords of Middle Earth. Martin Wallace's Aeroplanes. Z-Man Games upcoming games. Big Bang Theory! Empire Express! Iron Kingdoms RPG coming. Green Ronin's plans! Wings of Glory WWI! Warmachines: Colossals! The return of Duel Masters! Ticket to Ride Pocket adds multi-player.

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Dragon Age Open Playtest (Green Ronin Publishing)

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Scott said...

I was over 'Munchkin' when it was released and I played the basic game twice... That was more than enough. I cannot believe that thing is still going and going strong. Sigh.