Sunday, May 13, 2012

RPG Buffet 26 (Cat) (27:21)

In an last-minute emergency change of game for April, Mags ran John Wick's Cat RPG for Kae, John, Steve, and Layne! Plus, wine tasting, folks (stay after for Layne's reviews)!

No specific recipe as such for April, because circumstances didn't really allow us to cook. So the Buffet decided on a tapas approach, with Mags bringing chicken salad, quinoa salad, crackers, and a sandwich platter from CostCo, John providing cheeses and wine, Layne provided assorted chocolates and wine, Steve bringing wine and fresh fruit, and Kae bringing fresh veggie platters and soda.

You can see our recommendations for a wine-and-cheese supper in the show notes from AGC Episode 54 in June 2007. If you're interested in how we Louisvillians approach finger sandwiches, take a look at this recipe for a local favorite: Benedictine spread.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, guys? I can't seem to download the whole episode. The page says it's 13 megs or so, and I only get about 7 megs of data, and it cuts off about half way through the episode. I suspect the file you uploaded is actually bad. Any chance of a fix?

Mark Kinney said...

I'm uploading a fresh copy now, but I don't know how long it'll take LibSyn to process the replacement. Let me know if it still isn't right by Friday (the 18th).

Anonymous said...

It's right and working great. Thanks!

Avron said...

I tried to re-download this file through iTunes on May 27 after finding the same issue and the file still came through only half size. It seems fine through your site.