Tuesday, July 17, 2012

AGC Interview 18 (FandomFest Special) (1:19:25)

Carol and Mags bring you interviews from the FandomFest/Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville, Kentucky, back in late June!

Download 64kbps mp3 (38.1 MB)

Show links
Fright Night Horror Weekend/FandomFest
FandomFest Blog
Louisville Gaming Club (Meetup)
Louisville RPG
Louisville Story Gamers (Meetup)
Card Board Gamers
Dry-Erase Starship Maps (Blackwyrm Publishing)
Inkstained Succubus Productions
Brooks and Sparrow
Hostage Entertainment (Mob Ties)
Mob Ties Blog
Mob Ties (Board Game Geek)
Mistborn RPG (Crafty Games)
Mistborn RPG Hardcover Info (Crafty Games)
Mistborn RPG Quickstart
Mistborn (Brandon Sanderson)
Spycraft 3.0 (Crafty Games)
Ten Thousand Bullets (Crafty Games)
Spellbound (Crafty Games)
Hobomancer (Hex Games)
Larry Elmore
Some of Larry Elmore's Magic: the Gathering work (Wizards of the Coast)
Louisville Board Gamers (Meetup)
Matt McCloud's Blog (FandomFest)

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Carlson said...

Whoa! My voice was rougher than I thought! Sounds nothing like my usual angelic voice ;-)

Michael Pfaff said...

Hey guys,

Mike aka Carlson from the Louisville Gaming Club mentioned our site:

We're the Louisville D&D group he mentioned with the rotating cast of players / characters and sandbox game.

Just wanted to add this to the list in case someone was interested but couldn't find it above.

Thanks to Carlson for the shout-out and thanks to Mags for interviewing him!

DM Mike from Louisville D&D

AGC Mags said...


LOL! You were fine!