Wednesday, August 22, 2012

AGC 167 August 23rd 2012 (To GenCon And Back Again) (1:42:57)

With Mark Kinney, Carol, and Mags. Mark's gaming group blew up (partially his fault) -- the moral is that groups need good communication! Adventures at the GenCon Auction! We're merging the news show with the main show this time. GenCon attendance looks to be up! Munchkin Pathfinder and Mars Attacks! Spy games, and Star Trek Catan is coming! Legendary, another Marvel card game! Seasons! Details about Fantasy Flight's Star Wars RPG! Mutants and Masterminds supernaturals! Art of Roleplaying Games, and some miniature mounts! DriveThru picks! More on the auction, then Carol talks about The Way Things Work boardgame. More GenCon discussion! Mags' Thursday and Mark's Saturday. A quick trip through registration. Mags the Stalker (but she didn't fangirl all over Wil Wheaton). Ascension. Smash Up! Paizo efficiency! A dozen dice cups. The Ram. "How do you find these people?!?" Mark's "hurry up and wait" GenCon. The GenCon Third Day voice. City of Horrors! Lack of podcasters? Lack of swag bag! Awards! Congrats to Haste and Role Playing Public Radio! The Nordic LARP controversy, here on AGC! Onyx Path Publishing. Promotional videos over the Exhibition Hall entrances. D&D Next Keynote! Regrets and looking forward. FlatCon! Kickstarters!

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Show links
Krab Jab Studio Facebook (Art of Roleplaying Games)
Horse, Character Mount Marker Kit (LITKO Game Accessories)
The Way Things Work Boardgame (Amazon)
International Playthings LLC
Alderac Entertainment Group (Smash Up, Thunderstone Advance, Legend of the Five Rings)
Onyx Path Publishing
The Gamers: Hands of Fate Kickstarter
Man-Made Mythology (Kickstarter)
Numenera (Kickstarter)
Dungeons and Dragons: A Documentary (Kickstarter)
Truth and Lies (Kickstarter)
Perils of the Surface World (Kickstarter)
Horror on the Orient Express (Kickstarter)
Shadowfist: Combat in Kowloon (Kickstarter)

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AGC's DriveThruRPG Picks for this episode!
Mark:Grimtooth's Traps (Flying Buffalo)
Carol:Victorian Lost (White Wolf)
Mags:GUMSHOE Bundle (Pelgrane Press)
Also:Fiasco: Lightning Bolt! (Bruhaha Games)
Maschine Zeit Adventure Bundle (Machine Age Productions)

Yog Radio
d6 Generation


Wolfe said...

What is the name of that opening song? And where can I find a copy of it, because it's awesome.

Mark Kinney said...

That is Lisa Rein's "Poltergeist," at We've cut it up a little for purposes of the intro, but it is indeed an awesome song. :)

Wolfe said...

Aw man, thanks!