Monday, November 19, 2012

AGC News November 19th 2012 (25:51)

With Mark and Mags. Disney is not buying Hasbro. Man killed over Magic cards. Wildcat v Wizards and an eTCG patent. The Games 100 List. Cardfight!! Vanguard news. Evo Fury for Kaijudo. L5R Honor and Treachery. Rise of the Zombies. Nightfall: Crimson Siege. Hasbro wants to outfit your New Years party! Mage 20th is coming! Pathfinder's Mythic Adventures playtest. Wizkids introduces SwitchClix, and Fear Itself. Game Funders. Turn to 400 Fighting Fantasy Documentary Kickstarter! The Board Room!

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Show links
Wildcat's eTCG Patent (Google)
Happier New Years Game Nights (Hasbro/Facebook)
Game Funders
Turn to 400 (Kickstarter)
The Board Room, Washington DC

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