Monday, June 17, 2013

AGC News June 17th 2013 (42:07)

With Mark and Mags. Ebooks vs Hastings. Million dollar Kickstarters. Chess championships! How does Cards Against Humanity do it? Cryptozoic's Hobbit promo (sorry, this should have been out before this story...) DC Comics Heroes Unite! World War Z! Winter comes to Carcassone. Fallen dungeon adventures. Civilization expansions. Venetia and Blue Max! Stronghold Games releases! Mage Wars expansions. Black Spy. Smash Up goes Lovecraftian! GenCon exclusive D&D Next preview! Game Chef! FATE Core to ship in July! Pathfinder and Paizo licensing! Primeval Thule! Star Trek: Attack Wing, and the Dominion War! Robotech RPG Tactics again! Rebel Minis Spiders! ICV2's look at the top ten gaming Kickstarters, Geek Chic on Shark Tank, and the Diana Jones Award shortlist!

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