Tuesday, July 16, 2013

AGC News July 16th 2013 (17:57)

With Mark, Carol, and Mags. Sweetpea seeks dismissal of D&D movie suit. Magic 2013 Grand Prix results! Yu-Gi-Oh qualifiers in Chicago. Target Munchkin exclusive, and Chupacabra! WoW Timewalkers loot. Dungeon Twister card game and Mascarade from Asmodee! Canalis from AEG. Relic Runners. Free Pandemic scenarios! D&D Encounters changes. Star Trek Tactics news. Kickstarters! Ravenwood Castle. Ignite Your Spark!

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Pandemic Scenarios (Z-Man Games)
W20: Changing Breeds (Kickstarter)
Gaming Paper Megadungeon 2: Lost Catacombs (Kickstarter)
Fabled Environments High School Floor Plan (Kickstarter)
Ravenwood Castle
Ignite Your Spark Contest

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