Monday, August 12, 2013

AGC 175 August 13th 2013 (Hoarders: The Gamer Edition) (55:37)

With Mark Kinney and Mags. This was recorded in June, and thus the references to crazy weather and such. And Carol was at work. Le tarot. Mark did get to HyperiCon -- you'll hear more in 176. Doctor Who casting. DriveThru Picks! Collecting games. The end of the WoD. Why collect instead of play? Evaluating (and culling!) your collection. The Electronic Effect. Genre? Is it wrong not to have D&D in the house? Paying more than cover price. The Bubble (or lack thereof). Feedback on licensed games!

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Tome of Treasures
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AGC's DriveThruRPG Picks for this episode!
Mark:Shaintar: Legends Arise (Evil Beagle Games)
Mags:The Threat Report (Green Ronin Publishing)

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Wolfe said...

You aren't the only one who couldn't get into Doctor Who, Mags. I just can't seem to understand the appeal.

Also, is the World of Darkness still in publication? I can't seem to get a clear answer out of the people I've asked in chat rooms.

Wolfe said...

You're no the only one who couldn't get into Dr Who, Mags. It's just too Brittish a show for my tastes.

Curious: Has World of Darkness been revisited in recent years? Are there still purchasable books being sold that aren't off someone's personal shelf?