Friday, March 07, 2014

AGC News March 6th 2014 (45:21)

With Mark Kinney and Mags. Posting delayed by internet outages at 1 AGC Plaza. Happy 30th to Dragonlance! Lots and LOTS of Toyfair 2014 announcements, including upcoming games for the Walking Dead, Archer, Downton Abbey, Firefly, Adventure Time, and Doctor Who (which will cost Mark at least eighty dollars). Catan creator gets profiled in the New Yorker. Ten years of Ticket to Ride! IDW Games launches with Kill Shakespeare! New releases from Steve Jackson Games, and Mags is amused at the thought of a pocket edition of Ogre. New licenses for Monopoly in the fall, and expansions for Snake Oil! Sons of Anarchy board game! Crown of Destiny expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition! Sean K Reynolds Leaves Paizo, putting him within stalking reach of the AGC Crew! Numenera Character Options from Monte Cook Games in May! Modiphius Entertainment signs a star-studded cast of game designers for their upcoming Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edtion RPG! Details on the D&D Minis' Accesory and D&D Attack Wing! New unit cards for Dust Warfare! House of Cards Against Humanity! D&D Most Embarassing Classes?

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Show links
IDW's Kill Shakespeare Kickstarter
Sean K. Reynold's blog announcements
Mutant Chronicle Kickstarter (ends March 8th)
New Yorker Magazine Profile ofKlaus Teuber
Cards Against Humanity House of Cards Expansion Set
Cards Against Humanity blog entry on the House of Cards expansion set
io9's article on D&D's most embarassing classes

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