Monday, May 05, 2014

AGC News Late April 2014 (37:51)

With Mark and Mags. RIP Dave Trampier, and AGC's condolences to his loved ones. CCP ends 'WoD' MMO production. 2014 World Chess Championship news!
GAMA Trade Show attendance is up, and results from a global game industry survey. Tabletop's crowdfunding season 3. 'Walking Dead' board game Kickstarter canceled but what about distribution? Update from the million-dollar tabletop Kickstarter project front. WotC's first-ever multiplayer-focused booster set! FFG's 2014 Summer Organized Play Kits. Licensing news from Upper Deck. 'Hanabi' sales top 106,000. AEG's 'Seventh Hero'card game, and another 'Munchkin' expansion. Next 'D&D Encounters' launches May 10-11. Green Ronin releases, including Freeport for Pathfinder! Adventure MAXIMUS! from Eden Studios! 'The Collective' storyline Organized Play for Star Trek: Attack Wing. MERCS Miniatures Kickstarter comes to trade. Monopoly house rules to gain official recognition. Mags and Mark analyze the new official Scrabble word.

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Trampier's Self-Portrait on the AD&D GM Screen
Info on Trampier's Titan board game

Onyx Path Statement on the CCP layoffs : Address for 2013 Game Industry Survey
Indiegogo Fundraiser for wil Wheaton's 'Tabletop' Show

Slate article - "The Surprisingly Realistic Economics of Monopoly's 'House Rules.'"

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